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How to Re-Create Home Decor Pinterest Inspirations

March 05, 2018
by HG Guest

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Pinterest has become the repository of just about every person’s home décor inspirations. We pin bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, offices, nurseries, bathrooms, etc. in an effort to be inspired to take those pinspirations and make them a reality in our own home. But often times, those pins never leave the board. Sometimes we see home décor photos we love, but we may not necessarily know how to bring those pinspirations to life. In this post, I’ll point out all the elements to look out for in a Pinterest home décor photo. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to confidently re-create those rooms you love, and learn to shop those similar items at HomeGoods.

Photo by Rashida Banks

Ok Let’s get started!

When you look at a pinterest photo, you must look at these 5 things:

1) Color Palette

2) Patterns

3) Textures

4) Natural Elements, and

5) Mood

Color Palette

Photo by Rashida Banks

When looking at a home décor photo you find on Pinterest, we are usually drawn to the colors. Try and look for the main colors first, pinpoint any bold accent colors and then look for the neutral colors. Let’s take my room for example, the main color is emerald green, with accents of blue and white patterns (which we’ll talk about next) and pops of red. Then I added light grey, white, and black as complimenting neutrals.


Photo by Rashida Banks

Patterns are a great way to add personality and style to a bedroom. You’ll often see patterns in many of your home décor pinterest photos. Does the room you admire have one, two, or three and more patterns? Are the patterns floral, abstract, bold or graphical? You typically see patterns in pillows, comforter sets or styling items such as vases. Also, notice if the patterns have a color scheme. In my photo the abstract patterns are only in blue and white. So, if you were trying to recreate my room, you’ll look for pillows, artwork, bedding, or styling items that resemble that pattern, while shopping at HomeGoods.


Photo by Rashida Banks

What are some of the bold textures in your inspiration photo? Do you notice faux fur, silk, satin, velvet, basket woven, leather, knit or tweed? A room may have many textures, so it’s good to note which textures are next to each other, and if there’s a main texture or accent textures. In my photo, there are just accent textures: faux fur, velvet, and basket woven (rug).  Again, as you’re shopping at HomeGoods, you’ll look out for those textures to re-create within your own space.

Natural Elements

Photo by Rashida Banks

Does your pinspiration have natural elements such as wood, plants, or metals? If so, note the color of the wood, the type of plant, and the color of metals. In my room there’s a lot of deep natural color wood items, plants, and gold metal.


Photo by Rashida Banks

Lastly, assess the mood of your pinspiration. Is the room bright and filled with lots of natural light, or is it more dim, and intentionally blocking light. Determining the mood of your inspiration room, can help you figure out what type of window treatments to get at HomeGoods. For my bedroom, the colors may be deep, but the room is filled with lots of light intentionally. I could have easily added block out curtains to give the room a more serious feel, but instead I opted for light grey sheer curtain panels, that bring in lots of light.

Photo by Rashida Banks

Remember that the idea is not to find exact pieces but rather similar items that match the elements of your pinspiration. You should now be able to look at any Pinterest home décor photo, and recreate it. I hope this post was useful in helping you do just that. Happy Pinning and Happy HomeGoods Shopping!

Rashida Banks is paid HomeGoods partner and Lifestyle Blogger in Washington, DC, who strives to inspire women to live and lead a beautiful life… simply and practically. She has a strong passion for home décor, and loves to teach others how to get that beautiful space they’ve always dreamed of.