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Transitional Palm Style for Spring

February 14, 2018
by Gloribell

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The start of a new season always brings exciting plans and ideas both for our lives and for home. We get so inspired by what the next season will bring that we want to start innovating right away. For me, Spring means adding pops of colors while trying to maintain my neutral and serene palette. This time around I’ll try to embrace a transitional style while adding hints of palm and botanical accents to create an interesting mix we’ll call Transitional Palm. This look can be used to phase your house into Spring or you can use it any time of year as it is not too seasonal.

Photo by Know How She Does It

While keeping some basics the same (sofa, chairs and rugs), the accessories will be the ones that will take the center stage on this decorative style. HomeGoods makes it super easy to transform a room by just using accessories (and do it without spending a ton).

Adding Color:

Adding color doesn’t come naturally to me. But because I live in Florida and want to bring in some Spring, I will opt for playing around with some greens to bring a fresh approach into this room.

Photo by Know How She Does It

At HomeGoods I found a set of satin decorative pillows with a bird of paradise flower. I have to admit that I fell in love with its colors and design and even used it as a starting point for the rest of the pieces I would be using in this space.

Photo by Know How She Does It

To balance the black in these pillows I placed them along two green velvet ones. The punch of color over this pale sand sofa is incredible.

Coffee Table Accents:

Proportion over a coffee table is always important as well as heights. So when I chose the accessories for this setting I took these two into consideration. Because I was going for that botanical vibe, I added a silk orchid with with a black vase to make sense of the pillows I had. To bring the green over this table, I found an emerald green box ideal to hide matches and small trinkets inside. The wood beads, concrete bowl and books brought a nice balance into this mix.

Photo by Know How She Does It

Simple Entryway:

While I was searching for the pillows, I found a set of tall ceramic lamps at HomeGoods that I knew would look incredible in our entryway. The top part of these sculptural beauties was painted in gold which elevated their look. To repeat the color black from the pillows and the orchid vase, I introduced a piece that looks like a geometrical version of a modern birdcage. Keep in mind that this Transitional Palm style I was going for is a mix of botanical and palm accents but with an elegant and neutral twist.

Photo by Know How She Does It

The little mother of pearl box is another key element in this style.

Photo by Know How She Does It

Wall Shelves:

I love styling these shelves! Every season brings an opportunity to add interesting accessories and the challenge to make every piece work together. There’s always my neutral counterparts, but for the Transitional Palm decor I added some hand crafted pottery to bring in an organic feel. Some of these vases (from HomeGoods) have interesting textures which brings memories of leaves or even animal stripes.

Photo by Know How She Does It

When choosing piece for this style it is important to start with some basics and used them as your base. Black and green will play an important role to get this look but the key element and what will elevate the look are metallics. Although this could easily be a look to start incorporating Spring accents, I can see myself keeping it for a while. When it comes to decor, are you a transitional kind of person or a seasonal one?

Photo by Know How She Does It

Photo by Know How She Does It

Gloribell Lebron is paid blogger. She’s an interior stylist and designer with a strong background and knowledge in graphic design. View more of her work at Know How She Does It. (Find her on InstagramPinterestTwitter and Facebook.)

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