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Hosting Tips for a Stand-Out Spring

February 14, 2018
by HG Insider

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Spring is almost here! With our fresh entertaining ideas, you’ll be ready to go as soon as the crocuses are in bloom. Visit HomeGoods to get some inspiration and get everything you’ll need to host a spring celebration. All for less than you can imagine.

Host An Eggcelent Brunch

Throwing a swanky dinner or crafty cocktail party sounds fun, but it also sounds expensive. To the rescue: Brunch!

Make it easy on you and your guests and go buffet-style. Fill up your kitchen island with delicious dishes and people can help themselves. Use this as a chance to whip up some spring delicacies you’ve been meaning to try, or make it a potluck and have everyone pitch in.

Set a Stylish Spring Table

With plates in hand, folks will probably want to sit down to socialize. Bring some fresh, spring flair to your dining room or kitchen table. Start with dishes and table linens in seasonal hues like apricot, teal, and baby blue. Rose gold place settings add a bit of bling. Be sure to have plenty on hand for all your guests and their plus ones.

Who Wants a Mimosa?

Since your kitchen island will be filled with tasty entrees and sides, use another counter or side table for beverages. This is where you’ll set up your coffee carafes with cups, spoons, cream and sugar. Set out OJ and Prosecco for Mimosas or Bloody Mary fixings if you’re going for a boozey brunch.

Then jazz things up with spring garland, bright flowers, and a pretty pitcher of fruit water (lemons and limes or raspberries and blueberries). Check out our selection of colorful glasses and coffee cups and saucers to bring in a sophisticated air of spring.

Fun is on the Menu

Putting up a chalkboard to display the menu you plan to serve is a nice touch. It will give folks an idea of what to expect, whet their appetites, and also make the day feel extra fun and festive. Remember to have vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free options available if your guests request it, and list those items on the menu. (Sometimes guests with food restrictions bring their own safe-to-eat items, so try to find that out in advance.)

Don’t Forget About the Kids’ Table

The children of your guests are your guests as well. So, remember to make them feel included. Set up an area that’s just for the kids with juice boxes, healthy snacks, and treats.

This cupcake stand is a masterpiece all on its own, but also makes it easy for little hands to grab a treat without a big mess.

Check out HomeGood’s children’s department, KidTown, for Easter basket surprises and craft ideas that will keep the kiddos occupied and having fun.

Springboard for Inspiration

Get inspired! This upcoming spring is a great time to plan an Easter brunch, Mother’s Day celebration, a wedding shower, etc . And don’t forget, even though you’re the host, be sure to take a moment to sit down, enjoy the food and company, and feel the warmth that Spring will bring to your home.

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