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Valentine’s Day Gifts for All Your Loved Ones

January 18, 2018
by Courtney


When it comes to Valentine’s Day- it seems it isn’t just for your one and only anymore. Those sweetheart gifts- like little red heart boxes filled with chocolates are kind of a go-to treat for all of your loved ones.

And even though I love those little hearts as much as everyone does- I also like to find a few special treats to include to make it more personal. So today I am sharing 5 simple, inexpensive gift ideas for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day.

#1. Grandparents

I always love to give grandparents a box of chocolates and  a little treat- and I like to try to think of something they will be able to enjoy often. A perfect idea for Grandma is a warm throw. Something that she can wrap up in while enjoying her favorite show on t.v. and for Grandpa- maybe a new pair of slippers.

Photo by French Country Cottage

#2. The kids

Of course those hearts filled with chocolates are big favorites for the kids- but a few other ideas  are books or board games. I love things that are a little more interactive and both books and games are something that kids can enjoy on their own but also together with family and friends.

#3. Friends

You BFF deserve a sweet treat as well to let them know they are special to you. I am always a fan of kitchen and cooking pieces for gifts-and I picked up some of the most gorgeous copper pots at HomeGoods recently. I love the idea of creating a gift basket by filling a pot with some of their specialty pastas, sauces and a wooden spoon for your sweetest friend.

Photo by French Country Cottage

#4. Teacher

Teachers spend so much time with our kids that they are often like family. So why not treat them with a little sweet treat this Valentine’s as well? Depending on what their hobbies are – maybe something like a cookbook or a pretty coffee mug for their desk.

Photo by French Country Cottage

#5. For Anyone

The perfect gift for anyone? That is simple.  A HomeGoods gift card. I love to give gift cards to my sons girlfriends and yes, my sons love to get them too. And  they are always a perfect gift for my mom and sister and sister in-laws for any occasion- because they all love HomeGoods as much as I do.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Courtney is a paid blogger and writes the blog French Country Cottage where she shares lifestyle and design inspirations, DIY projects and the ongoing renovations of her 1940’s cottage. Connect with Courtney on her blog, French Country Cottage.

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