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7 Simple Ideas for Refreshing Your Bathroom

January 17, 2018
by Courtney

Bed and Bath Organization and Cleaning

January is a month for refreshing and renewing. And that includes our wardrobes, ourselves and our homes.

A new year is a new clean slate and one of my favorite rooms to give a boost to in January is the bathroom. Think about it- bathrooms are utilitarian rooms but they are also rooms where we relax in the tub, we get ready for the day in the morning and they should be pretty and luxurious even as they do double duty.

And the best part is that it isn’t hard to freshen that space. With just a few out with the old and in with the new elements, you can give your bathroom a fresh start this year.

#1. Lush Chunky Towels

Photo by French Country Cottage

I am a huge fan of chunky, thick towels and my preference is white so that I can bleach them often. Fill a basket with a dozen new towels or  fold them on the shelves.

#2. Baskets for Storage

Photo by French Country Cottage

It seems strange since they are ‘open’ rather than tucked away- but baskets bring texture and warmth to a room- and they do double duty holding things like towels, laundry, etc and keep your room clean.

#3. Bring in a Small Table or Stool

Photo by French Country Cottage

I love small stools and tables tucked just about anywhere and the bathroom is a perfect place to use them. I love them next to a pedestal sink or over by the tub for holding towels, flowers, or even bits that you use every day. With so many styles to choose from- you can find a vintage inspired piece or a modern lucite piece at HomeGoods to fit your space and customize your look.

#4. Add an Over-Sized Mirror

Photo by French Country Cottage

Such a simple idea that change a room instantly is to add a mirror. Mirrors reflect light and send a burst of sunshine through a room. And in winter when daylight isn’t in as much abundance as the rest of the year, a mirror can do wonders for your space.

#5. Pretty Bottles & Bits

Photo by French Country Cottage

When stocking up on everyday products such as soaps and shampoos- look for your favorites in pretty packaging for double duty as a charming display. I picked up  artisan chunky soaps, sea sponges, and pretty bottles full of hand wash at HomeGoods- and they are perfect for stacking on the shelf and creating a pretty vignette.

#6. Flowers

Photo by French Country Cottage

Whether fresh or faux- bring a bit of spring to your bathroom with a simple vase full of flowers. I love the realistic faux flowers HomeGoods – and of course, love fresh and this bouquet is one that has a secret. I picked up this toothbrush holder at HomeGoods because I fell in love with the look and details it had- and it also works perfectly as a small vase for flowers.

#7. Crisp White Bathmats

Photo by French Country Cottage

Something else that is so simple- replace those bathmats. I love white again because I can bleach them easily when washing- and because they feel light and bright in the room. My favorites are the thick cotton reversible mats- and at HomeGoods- I have found long ones for the double sinks, singles for the shower and even in between for the tub areas.

So there are a few simple, easy and inexpensive ideas for giving your bathroom a fresh new look this winter.  What are your favorite ways to refresh your space in the new year?


Courtney is a paid blogger and writes the blog French Country Cottage where she shares lifestyle and design inspirations, DIY projects and the ongoing renovations of her 1940’s cottage. Connect with Courtney on her blog, French Country Cottage.