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5 Ways to Infuse Elements of India Into Your Home

January 11, 2018
by HG Insider

Furniture and Home Accents

The beauty is in the details of our latest international curated collection, Colorful India. The rich nuances and bright colors of these hand picked designs will add a new dimension to your décor. Read our suggestions below for introducing just the right amount of India to your home.

 Furniture Tip: Pair statement pieces with neutrals

A bold, focal piece like this chest of drawers speaks for itself. Soften it with something neutral to break up the boldness, like this pendant lamp on a rope. The result is just the right hint of drama.

Accent Furniture Tip: Choose impactful pieces wisely

You can incorporate India without going overboard. A well-chosen element can enrich your aesthetic without being distracting. Try a patterned leather poof, a hand-carved cabinet, or an indigo side chair for an eclectic addition.

Ambiance Tip: Light the way

Warm, magical lighting sets a pleasant tone for any gathering. Picture flickering candles inside elegantly exotic lanterns illuminating your entryway on the evening of a dinner party. As you come further inside, tall, wooden candlesticks mixed with shorter metal ones brighten up the mantel.

Accessory Tip: A little spice is nice

The beautiful symbols of India can add flair without stealing the spotlight. Choose one or two decorative accessories like an elephant, a mandala, or this beautiful fireplace hearth. Use decorative accessories thoughtfully across your home to spice things up.

Even small details, like these white washed boxes and wooden beads, can be enough to draw the eye and send the mind on an exotic journey.

Textiles Tip: Contrast colors through textiles

Classic furniture and clean lines offer a neutral base for pattern-dyed throw pillows and woven rugs in deep indigo, a signature color of our journey through India. To keep everything in harmony, white or ivory is a beautiful counterpoint to a vivid color.

You don’t need to pack your bags to find exotic treasures like these (at jaw-dropping prices). Just stop by your neighborhood HomeGoods to see what we’ve brought back from our journey through India.