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3 Tips to Organize Your Mudroom

January 10, 2018
by HG Insider

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Whether you are running out the door or coming home after a long day, the mudroom is an important stop in any home. So why not make your trips in and out a little smoother and use these 3 easy tips to organize your mudroom.

Give Everyone Their Own Section

Whether you have lockers, cabinets, or shelving, assign a section for each family member to avoid mix-ups. If you do not have anything installed, don’t worry! You can pick up an open shelving unit to keep things in check.

Use Your Space for More than Coats and Shoes

Most of us think of a mudroom as a catch-all for footwear and jackets, but you want to get the most of your space. Add some file folders to the walls for keys and the mail, keep the kid’s sports gear hung up or in bins, store some blankets, or add a space for your pet’s toys.

Don’t Compromise on Style

Utilize items that balance fashion and function. To keep things looking fresh, mix in elements like a durable rug to add a pop of color or wire baskets to incorporate a touch of farmhouse style. Who said creating a functional, tidy space can’t look good?

As you can see, it is as easy as 1,2,3 to get your mudroom clean, tidy, and of course, stylish for the new year. Happy organizing!