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Refresh your Master Bedroom for 2018

January 09, 2018
by HG Guest

Bed and Bath Furniture and Home Accents

My mom really gets into the holiday season. She puts up lots of gorgeous holiday decorations and her entire space just sparkles with all of her pretty accessories! But now that the holidays are officially over, her decorations are packed up and put into storage and she is left with her normal everyday decor.

She recently mentioned to me that her master bedroom was feeling a bit “blah.” No one wants to start a new year feeling that way, so we stopped by HomeGoods and picked up some new accessories to refresh her master bedroom space! It’s crazy what a few small changes did to bring new life into her home.

Add Warmth with a Rug

Photo by The DIY Playbook

I love rugs because they add so much coziness and comfort to a room. We found this oriental-inspired rug at HomeGoods and immediately scooped it up for her master bedroom.

Photo by The DIY Playbook 

A bare hardwood floor can feel a little cold, and this neutral rug warms up the entire room. When it comes to rugs, I always say “bigger is better.” In a bedroom you want the rug to peek out on both sides and the bottom of the bed, so make sure you buy a rug that gets the job done. This 9×12 worked perfectly for this king-sized bed.

Try Symmetrical Lamps

Photo by The DIY Playbook 

HomeGoods always has an amazing selection of lamps and when I find a good-looking pair of lamps…I’m always tempted to buy! These white lamps are stunning and I love the texture on them. Adding symmetrical lamps to matching nightstands balances a room and really makes the space look more put together.

Photo by The DIY Playbook

Plus, extra lighting is always a good idea in the dead of winter. Turning on task lamps at night adds a soft glow to a room and makes things much warmer and more inviting. Perfect for those cold winter nights at home.

Incorporate Soft Colors

Photo The DIY Playbook

As evidenced by our homes, both Bridget and I are into neutral homes. But we’re not completely opposed to color and love to add hints of it here and there. My mom’s mostly gray, white, and tan bedroom was begging for a bit of color. Enter…BLUSH! This feminine hue works well with a neutral color palette and really warms up the white bedding!

Photo The DIY Playbook

Plus, those velvet pillows add a gorgeous texture to the large bed. Blush is on-trend right now and there are some gorgeous pillows, throws, and accessories at HomeGoods for you to try this trend on in your own home.

Photo The DIY Playbook

Changing out accessories is a budget-friendly way to refresh any space, and new pillows can make a bedroom look completely different. The blush pillows and textured lumbar pillow transformed this plain white bed. If you don’t want to spend money on new furniture, pick up a few new pillows from HomeGoods for your bedroom or living room. It will get the job done quickly and on a budget!

Add a Plant or Two

Photo The DIY Playbook

I may have a brown-thumb, but that doesn’t stop me from adding plants throughout my entire home! Plants add life to a room and you can even incorporate ones that purify the air. I picked up this white planter from HomeGoods and popped in a new ivy plant. The draping greenery looks gorgeous against the stark white and the entire nightstand just looks more styled and put together. When in doubt, add some fresh plants to your room. And if you have a brown-thumb like myself, consider picking up some faux greenery from HomeGoods. They have some gorgeous plants that look oh so real!

Photo The DIY Playbook

The time to love your home is right now! A few new accessories can take your space from “blah” to “ahhhhmazing” in no time at all. Start 2018 off on the right foot with a refreshed bedroom space, you may be surprised at how a few simple changes can make such a big impact.


This is a paid guest blog post by The DIY Playbook.