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Create a Thanksgiving They’ll Love

October 18, 2017
by HG Insider

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Happy Thanksgiving! The holidays are just around the corner – and whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving – we’ve got some tips and inspiration for the first big get-together of the season.

Gather Around the Table

HomeGoods Tip: Personalized place settings are also a great way to make sure quarrelling siblings don’t sit next to each other!

A great table is the centerpiece of any celebration so let’s start there. Tablecloths, runners, linens, tableware, decor and florals in the deep, rich colors and textures of the season set the tone. Add some metallic-tone lanterns for even more warmth. Personalized place settings are a nice touch and make everyone feel welcome.

Try a Bit of Everything

HomeGoods Tip: You always find you need at least one more big spoon so remember to stock up on serving utensils.

Make things easy for yourself as well as your guests and set up a buffet table. Don’t be afraid to mix and match all your beautiful serving dishes and bowls to make the presentation as fun and eclectic as your relatives and guests.

Mosey Up to the Bar

HomeGoods Tip: Use stemless wine glasses and avoid the inevitable holiday spills!

Just like your buffet table, create a place for drinks and desserts. Serving trays for wine bottles, decanters and glassware, a beverage tub for cold drinks and cake stands for desserts make it easy for everyone to help themselves.

Or Maybe You’re Celebrating Friendsgiving

HomeGoods Tip: Make a spreadsheet and keep tabs on who’s bringing what. Elevate their cooking game by having a contest for “best tasting dish.”

Think Thanksgiving without the stress of travel, crazy uncle antics and responsibility of cooking everything yourself. For some it’s an extra Thanksgiving and for others it’s everything! Invite your friends and make it just like Thanksgiving or nothing like it at all, as crazy or low-key as you like.  The only rule of Friendsgiving is that everybody brings something – the host cooks the turkey, but everything else is potluck.

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, send out those invitations and let everyone know you’ll be hosting. Then be sure to visit your local HomeGoods to find everything you need for less. Of course, no matter how you celebrate, the most important thing is spending time with and being thankful for family and friends. Enjoy!

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