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Fall Front Door Decorating Ideas

September 11, 2017
by Jessica

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Someone please pinch me. Is it really Fall season already? I can’t for the life of me slow things down in my life, things just keep speeding by at lightening speed. Back to school started a few days ago (did you see my son’s cute home locker?) and while I am always sad to have summer come to an end, there is something to say for getting back into a routine and decorating for fall. Today I am sharing a few Fall front door decorating ideas.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

As many of you know, we live in a multigenerational home and my mom and I love to decorate for the Fall Season and the Holidays. There is something about pumpkins, warm apple cider, and curb appeal full of mums and fall decor that get us really excited for Labor Day Weekend. My mom and I took a trip to our local nursery this past weekend and loaded up my truck with mums, pumpkins, and cornstalks to create a beautiful welcoming entrance to our home.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

We then made a trip to Homegoods in search of a wreath for the front door, planters, and plant stands. This wreath my friends, is to DIE for. I snagged it quickly because as you know in HomeGoods, if you see something you love, you better grab it because chances are it will be gone the next time you look.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

The first tip when creating a Fall front door, use plant stands in various heights. The idea of low and high plants creates visual appeal and architectural interest. Fill the gaps between the floor and planter with more plants, pumpkins or even ceramic Fall decor accents. Our front door has a small portico over it so it stays fairly dry.  I do bring this adorable squirrel from HomeGoods in at night if I know it’s going to rain.

The topiary styled ceramic pumpkin stand from Homegoods added the perfect height behind the large collection of plants.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

Isn’t this ceramic fox perfect? Even my dad commented that he is pretty cute ;). Yes, he is also from HomeGoods!

Another tip is to integrate faux flowers/plants with your real mums. If your outdoor area is covered, many indoor faux plants or arrangements will do just fine outside. Mixing in faux and real is an inexpensive way to create a lush look without breaking the bank. Not only that, faux adds an interesting texture to the natural beauty of the real plants. I will be honest, I am very picky about faux plants/flowers because sometimes they can look cheap but HomeGoods has an amazing selection of faux greens, plants and flowers that are very real looking.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

The metal candle holders are perfect for mood lighting at night. I personally use the battery/solar candles because I am always afraid I will forget to blow real ones out before bed.

Fall Front Door Decorating Ideas | Four Generations One RoofPhoto by Four Generations One Roof

Our hydrangeas are starting to pass and are getting that dried discolored look but they really look amazing with all the fall decor and corn stalks. My husband came home from work and had no idea we were working on decorating for Fall and he said, “Whoooah what happened to the front door? Its looks really good!” Friends, the fact that the man even noticed says something is a miracle – ha ha!  So I suggest you head to your local HomeGoods to get items for your front door that make that will get anyone and everyone to notice how great it looks!

As you can see from my post, all it takes it a trip to the nursery and HomeGoods, where I got all of the Fall decor, ceramic pots, planters and two indoor/outdoor rugs, to bring your Fall front door to life! Happy decorating!

Jess is a paid blogger. You can find more decorating ideas, multigenerational family stories and DIY home projects, and tips over on her blog, Four Generations One Roof.

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