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How to Create a Unique Space for Your Special Moments

August 08, 2017
by HG Insider

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Whether it be a reading nook for your children’s bedtime story because you had a similar space when you were a child, or patio seating area for your Friday night cocktails with your Dad, who comes over each week for 1-on-1 time… we all have certain corners of our house where special moments happen. What we tend to overlook is how important these meaningful moments are to making our house a home. We turned to three amazing women – Jocelyn Delk Adams of GrandBaby Cakes, Cassie Freeman of Hi Sugarplum and Samantha Wennerstrom of Could I Have That? – to share their at-home rituals and tips for creating a wonderful space that feels like them. As lifestyle bloggers and experts in décor, food, and fashion, these ladies know how important your home can be in creating a sense of family. See below for their expert advice on how to create a unique space in your own home that will help foster your own every day, special moments:

Photo by Matt Harrington

Jocelyn Delk Adams of GrandBaby Cakes: Weekly Brunch with Mom
There’s no denying life can get a little hectic. Sometimes it’s hard to find time for literally anything, especially for yourself. But there’s one thing I always find time for, and that’s my mother. My mom has always been my rock; she loves me unconditionally and is there when I need her. Each week, I cook a big Sunday brunch for her (including her favorite cake!) I love to dress up our table as if it were a fancy event (without breaking the bank!), even though it’s just the two of us, so the moment feels really special.

For our weekly brunches, I pull out all the stops!  From decor to incredible recipes, I really turn things up a notch and invest in making the experience as wonderful as possible. I like to use different finds from HomeGoods to make each brunch unique and different than the last.

Photo by GrandBaby Cakes

Whether you are looking to celebrate mom’s birthday, Mother’s Day or create a weekly ritual like I do, here are a few ideas that can make your weekly brunches with mom something to look forward to:

1. Start with a clear vision: A summertime nautical theme inspired this week’s brunch. I decided to go with a cool, Zen, beachy blue motif that’s relaxing. Because HomeGoods makes it so simple to reasonably change the aesthetics of our brunch space, we love to have fun changing it up as much as possible.  Coordinating with the seasons or holidays always adds a fun punch.

2. Go seasonal: Make sure your menu reflects the time of year. Because I love hitting the farmer’s market on a regular basis, I consistently grab fresh and beautiful fruits and vegetables that make it into our weekly brunch.

3. Use white platters for bright foods: With my simple watermelon salad and croissants, I loved adding them to crisp white serving platters from HomeGoods (they have a great variety!)  They really highlighted the food.

4. Create cohesion between spaces: My kitchen and patio area are connected so I wanted the design to flow easily between the spaces. The calming water-themed design of the kitchen space and breakfast nook complete with HomeGoods accessories inspired the design of the patio tablescape.  It was really an extension between the two areas.

5. Mix and match: No need to be too cohesive however. I love to mix plates, napkins and serving platters of various patterns and prints on my table.  The trick is making sure they have similar colors and tones, but different designs.  They coordinate perfectly without looking too matchy-matchy.

Photo by GrandBaby Cakes

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Cassie Freeman of Hi Sugarplum: Donuts and Daughter Time

Almost every Saturday, my daughter (and dog) and I walk to the quaint little donut shop nearby. We bring home our sweet breakfast treats and sit on the screened-in porch devouring donuts and chatting about our week. A lot is revealed in those talks before the rest of the family wakes up! It’s a special time for the two of us – our chance to connect after a busy week and before the weekend takes off. I love making these moments a little something extra, so making sure our porch is set up perfectly with the right items for comfort and fun is important.

Photo by Hi Sugarplum!

Here are some of my tips for creating a cozy outdoor space to foster these special moments with loved ones:

1. Create a cozy seating area, keeping in mind that comfort is key: The extra-wide arm chairs allow my daughter and I to cuddle up together with our breakfast and chat about our upcoming plans for the weekend…before the boys of the house wake up.

2. Oversized throw pillows give off a laid-back summer vibe: Encourage lounging by bringing in cozy throws and soft pillows. Use throw pillows in various sizes to add color, texture and pattern. If you shop somewhere like HomeGoods where they’re super affordable, you can easily swap them out for each season. I love to mix and match patterns of different scales…and stripes always work!

3. Think about cohesiveness, but don’t sacrifice flair: Create a common color palette to give the space cohesion. Virtually every room of mine has at least two bold colors, and there’s always a pattern – you can have a little fun with it!

4. Fashionable storage is key: Use a variety of baskets for cute storage and to add texture to your space. HomeGoods has a huge selection in tons of different sizes, textures and colors, which allows you to keep extra blankets, pillows and more in close reach for when you need them.

5. Bring the inside out: This saying continues to be so true, I love bringing the inside outdoors – especially extending the feeling of our home to the porch! Lay down large rugs on your patio or backyard to achieve that homey feel. You can pick up high quality indoor-outdoor rugs at HomeGoods for a steal!

Photo by Hi Sugarplum!

Photo by Hi Sugarplum!

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Samantha Wennerstrom of Could I Have That?: Me Time
As a mom, my morning routine changed quite a bit for the first two years after having a baby. But now that my daughter Elin is getting older and off to school, I’m able to have those extra moments to myself in the morning, a little “me time.” Pouring a cup of coffee and spending time in my bedroom doing my makeup, choosing jewelry and getting ready for the day is one of my favorite times – our bedroom, my sanctuary, feels very tranquil and serene. I love having a spot to display everyday favorites and a place to keep makeup I use daily.

Photo by Could I Have That?

Here are some tips for creating a special “me time” space:

1. Function first: Think about where you spend most of your time in the morning and what you’re doing. I created this little corner of my room so I could relax on a chair and do my makeup with the best possible light. Oh, and have a place to put my coffee. A little personal time can be necessary when you have a 2-year old!

2. Color is key: Pick a color palette that invites a calming feeling. I love sticking to soft grays and nudes, warm gold tones and shades of white. Since this is a place where I spend my mornings I like it to have that serene quality. Throughout my home, I gravitate toward neutral colors and patterns, modern with a nod to classic vintage pieces, personal and creative. I was able to find a variety of throws, pillows and other accessories within this palette at HomeGoods, all for a great price.  The colors are simple, but between different patterns, fabrics, etc. – every piece was so special.

3. Display the things you use the most: Choose a mirrored tray for a luxury feeling. Like 92% of women, I don’t want to break the bank for the finds that make my moment special; that’s why I head to HomeGoods which has great options that look very luxurious, but won’t break the bank! To me there’s nothing that speaks to my personal style like a personal scent. I displayed three of my signature favorites on a favorite tray.

4. When it comes to styling your vanity, consider the lighting: This is where you’ll be applying your makeup, so I find that having the option of different types of light is key. That’s why I opt for a hand-held mirror so I can move around between natural light and spotlights.

5. Choose furniture that lends itself to an organized system: I used different organizers from HomeGoods to store my makeup in the drawers so I could see and grab what I needed easily. I love pieces like this because they bring function and fashion to the table (literally!).

Photo by Could I Have That?

Photo by Could I Have That?

As you can see, no matter what your ritual or where it is (bedroom, porch, kitchen, or elsewhere!), your everyday routine can turn into a special moment with a little bit of love, and the right atmosphere. Why not spend that special moment in a space that is truly yours? No matter what the season, take a moment this week to consider how sprucing up your everyday moments with family can to turn a ritual into a treasured memory.

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