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3 Tips for Creating Your Perfect She-Shed

August 08, 2017
by Courtney

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Maybe you just want to create a little space that is all your own.

One that is perfect for relaxing. Reading. Creating.

Photo by French Country Cottage

You want to create a space that inspires you and gives you a little retreat of sorts to get away to when you would like. It is much like a man-cave… but is full of pretty, charming details, and is called a She-Shed.

You have probably heard about She-Sheds as they have gained popularity. They are simple little buildings in your yard and can be decorated as a room, a small sitting area or creative studio and much more- the sky is the limit.

Photo by French Country Cottage

A one of the best parts about them? Sprinkling that bit of pretty and putting your own stamp on it.

Of course, I went to my favorite spot to pick up all those pretty little details like candles, quilts and plush pillows – HomeGoods.

Photo by French Country Cottage

Tip #1: Think Plush and Comfortable

I fell in love with several large euro pillows and they were perfect for stacking on the daybed and making it cozy. Another favorite? That gorgeous blue matelasse quilt that has the most darling little ruffled edge.

Photo by French Country Cottage

Tip #2: Add Ambiance

Tucked into the pea gravel inside the shed and out in the garden – pretty little candles for a bit of ambiance. I have a confession – I spend quite a bit of time in the candle aisle at HomeGoods. I know which ones I always love to bring home, but there are always an abundance of new ones that capture my attention as well.

We also added a few strands of twinkle lights for a bit of ‘Margaritaville’ ambiance in the garden…

Photo by French Country Cottage

and above the dining table.

Photo by French Country Cottage

Tip #3: Decorate your space with what you love

My best tip for creating a charming and welcoming She-Shed is to simply style it with things you love and that inspire you- and decorate it just as you would any other room in your home.

Photo by French Country Cottage

Bring in your favorite colors, your favorite style furniture, and those hobbies you are passionate about.

Whether you are looking to create your very own little space as a place to relax, work, or play, it is most important to make it your own and have fun creating it! No matter what your personal style is, HomeGoods has the décor to easily make any She-Shed into your shed.

Courtney is a paid blogger and writes the lifestyle blog French Country Cottage, where she shares decor, entertaining and style inspiration along with the ongoing renovations of her 1940’s cottage.