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Small Bathroom: Big Impact Updates

July 31, 2017
by Jessica

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Who likes a cozy bubble bath? Me! Our master bathroom is really small and not exactly easy to decorate. It’s the master bathroom that is original (1970’s) to our house so it’s far from a big fancy bath that you find in newer homes today. I am sure some of you have one of these small bathrooms and finding ways to “reinvent” the space can be challenging.

Today, I am going to share how you can create a cozy spa like summer feel bathroom with a few key bath components and best of all, on a budget. For under $253, I was able to create the space and even manage to fit a small stool next to the tub for towels.

Small Bathroom: Big Impact Changes

Here is the before after I emptied out the space. Isn’t it amazing how different the paint color looks at the end of the day and there is no natural light? Granite, the picture below was taken with my cell phone but still, natural light and the time a day, play a huge role in wall color. The paint color is called Composed by Sherwin-Williams.

Small Bathroom Big Impact Updates

Shower Curtain | Bath Mat | Towels

First off, this bathroom has seen a couple makeovers the past couple years as well as a few different wall colors. I decided to keep the existing pretty green wall color and add a new shower curtain, bath mat and fresh new floral towels from HomeGoods. There was no rhyme or reason to these towels, I just loved the blue and white patterns so I decided to mix two patterns and a solid hand towel on top.

Small Bathroom Big Impact Updates


One of the biggest issues I have with this small bathroom is the lighting (which I hope to swap out one of these days) and the size of the old mirror. I found this gorgeous full round mirror at HomeGoods for $89 and I absolutely LOVE how much bigger it makes the room appear. I can actually see the full width of my body now. -ha

Small Bathroom Big Impact Updates

Baskets for Storage + Trash

Our vanity is also original to the house so that is on my list of things to update but in the meantime, I have to work with what I have so hanging a basket on the side (with two small finish nails) works perfectly for toilet paper and/or magazines. All of these basket are from HomeGoods that I picked up a couple years ago. I actually found the small one that has toilet paper in it, in the office isle! You never know where you might find the perfect piece while shopping at Homegoods ;).

Small Bathroom Big Impact Updates

Makeup + accessory containers 

The counter space is lacking in this bathroom so I decided to use a cute mirror tray and glass bathroom glass (all from HomeGoods) as pretty storage pieces for my makeup brushes and various lotions. Sometimes you need to get creative when you have limited space.

Art Work

When you have a small bathroom, your options for hanging artwork are limited. I found this bright, colorful canvas floral piece in the kids isle at HomeGoods and decided to hang it above the towel rack. One of these days, I would like to hang a small shelf above the towel rack which will allow for a few decorative pieces and maybe a piece of leaning artwork.

Small Bathroom Big Impact Updates

Candles + Lotions + Bath Beads

You can find loads of spa bath items at HomeGoods and they are the perfect final touch for any bathroom. Lotions, exfoliants, bath beads and candles (candles are a must!), help create that relaxing spa feel in any bathroom. I plan on leaving this bathroom the way it is for a bit and would love to create a coastal Christmas scene in here during the holidays. Can you believe that Christmas is seriously, 150 days away? My brain isn’t exactly on Christmas yet, I need to get through “back to school” first!

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