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5 Ways to Spruce up a Living Room

June 09, 2017
by Jessica

Furniture and Home Accents

The warmer weather has arrived and we are finally hoping to spend some time at our camp this weekend. Last month I shared my friend’s lakeside deck and how we spruced it up for summer; today, we are inside decorating her living room.

She wanted a summer coastal theme that was casual yet elegant — Hampton’s style. We found these beautiful throw pillows featuring florals and textured blue stripes at HomeGoods and they coordinated perfectly with her existing area rug. To break up the blue colors, we added a light green pillow in the middle.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

The coffee table of any room is a great focal point to add coastal charm. We filled a gorgeous tray from HomeGoods with classic hydrangeas. I originally had the hydrangeas in a glass vase, but decided to use the blue floral vase instead.

Don’t be afraid to use a non-traditional vase as your container for fresh flowers. This blue one coordinates with the rug and picks up the colors of the pillows and throw.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

Every coastal room needs a floor plant or two, and these ceramic planters from HomeGoods couldn’t have been more perfect. Floor plants in ceramic pots are an easy way to fill a corner or gap in a room. The best part? It’s an inexpensive option.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

The floor lamp is also from HomeGoods and seriously, it couldn’t have been more perfect for this corner with her swivel rocking chair. Her husband loves this space as it overlooks the lake, so we wanted to create a comfortable (but pretty!) little nook where he could have his morning coffee.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

The artwork on the wall was a gift from a friend, so the challenge was to introduce pieces that would coordinate while maintaining that coastal elegant feel. We decided to add a sofa table to the wall and display simple, casual decor accents from HomeGoods on the shelves. The sailboat paired with three coordinating vases in similar colors added warmth and filled the space nicely. The sisal baskets on the lower shelf were perfect for storing small games, cards and dice games.

5 ways to spruce up your living room

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

When you have a large open room such as this space, it’s important to introduce round furniture pieces. The round rug, coffee table, end table and planters help soften the space and keep it from looking too boxy.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

You will notice that the artwork on one side of the room is heavy and large. If this is the case in your space, try to add something opposite in the room that is large and gives the appearance of “bulk.” In this case, the two large floor plants in the oversized planters did the trick. When you look at the space from far away, you will notice that the room seems balanced on either side.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

If you are looking for quick decorating fixes for your own living room, start with a fresh new set of throw pillows, new planters and home decor accents to fill a bookcase or shelf. Then add a cozy throw or two and you will be well on your way. Happy decorating!

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