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3 Tips for a Fresh Summer Living Room

May 31, 2017
by Courtney

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Have I told you that I am a huge fan of ticking stripes mixed with checks, blush and even a little ruffle? I think it might be the romantic in me — I love fresh flowers and believe that a bouquet belongs in every room.

The other day, I walked into HomeGoods and found everything I needed to give my living room a fresh look for spring and summer. It all started with a taupe and white checked pillow, which led to finding a few blush and ticking striped pillows, too. Slowly, a romantic living room refresh started to come together, right there in my cart.

Photo by French Country Cottage

1. When refreshing your room, think pillows and quilts for an inexpensive and easy-to-change look.

Photo by French Country Cottage

These pillows are pretty on their own, and even more so when they’re stacked together on the sofas. The most gorgeous taupes, grays, blush and whites play perfectly together.

Photo by French Country Cottage

I also added a pale gray matelasse and ruffle quilt to cozy up in. But, I bumped into something else pretty spectacular while I was shopping.

2. Add something with big impact to make a bigger change in your space. Think furniture, a rug or wall art.

You know the feeling when you turn down an aisle and find the perfect item waiting for you? Let’s just say that I kept a close eye and guarded my find until the ticket said that treasure belonged to me.

This treasure was one that was covered in chipped paint charm.

Photo by French Country Cottage

It had carvings and layers galore.

Photo by French Country Cottage

A mottled old mirror that was perfection — and did I mention it is huge? It’s almost 9 feet tall and 4 feet wide!

When I found this mirror, it was on a shelf on its side. I didn’t even realize how large it was; I just knew that I loved it and it needed to come home with me.

Photo by French Country Cottage

It is pretty perfect leaning against the wall in the living room. And between that mirror and a pile of pretty pillows, my living room is ready for summer already.

Photo by French Country Cottage

3. For an easy and refreshing summer style, think light and airy colors and textures. Mix and mingle them for a collected look and add your signature touch, fresh flowers and a favorite candle. 

Restyling your room for each season is easy if you think about ways to incorporate what you have, while adding a couple new elements for a fresh feeling.

That mirror might be one of my favorite HomeGoods finds!

Courtney is a paid blogger. She writes the blog lifestyle blog French Country Cottage where she shares design, outdoor living and entertaining inspirations along with the ongoing renovations of her 1940’s cottage.

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