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Gather Family Around the TV with a Gallery Wall

April 26, 2017
by Jessica

Furniture and Home Accents

How do you make a TV look good? Personally, decorating around them drives me crazy. Don’t get me wrong, TVs have come a long way from the hundred-pound boxes that they once were. I do love some of the barn sliding doors that hide mounted TVs on the wall, but some of those options can be costly (especially once you purchase the wall mount, which can cost hundreds of dollars).

Today, I am providing a quick and simple fix to make any TV look good. I have wanted to create a gallery wall, made out of some of our family memories, for months and I finally decided to create a simple one around our TV.

how to create a wall gallery around a tv

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

At first, I thought an eclectic mix of frames in white, gray and black would look good, but once I got started, I didn’t love the look. I decided to go with all black frames in different sizes.

Here is the room before — it’s in the process of getting an overhaul. I still need to decorate the mantel and find some new pillows and drapes, but the wall gallery, rug and a few decorative accessories have drastically improved this space!

how to create a wall gallery around a tv

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

The goal for me was to make the TV look like it “fit in” with the frames. As many of you know, we live with four generations of family under one roof, and having more than one TV room is very important! We watch TV, read and the kids play video games in this room, so I wanted the look to be casual and clean. It’s all about family in our house and what better way to display that than with a pretty grouping of frames filled with family pictures?

To start, you need to find a group of frames that you love. I started with two identical frames to go above the TV. (Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this.) I grabbed a pencil and a level and eyeballed where I wanted the top of the frame to be. I marked a line at the top of the frame and drew a line across the wall, so I knew where both pictures needed to be hung.

how to create a wall gallery around a tv

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

Tip: Use eraser sponges to help get rid of any pencil or scuff marks.

For this project, I used picture hooks and mirror wire. Some of the frames I bought had frame hooks on the back. Instead of measuring exactly where the hooks needed to be, I simply used the mirror wire to create a hanger. Easy!

I bought all of the frames from HomeGoods and worked with them when I got home.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

To add some dimension to your gallery wall, play with the proportions of the frames. As you can see, the two large frames above the TV anchor the gallery, and while each frame is different on either side, the height variances are similar.

This room is small and has some design elements that I would love to get rid of (the doorbell placement being one of them), but sometimes you have to work with what you have. Right?

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

Tip: If you have something like a doorbell cover on your wall, try painting the cover the same color as your wall. That’s what I did and it blends in nicely!

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

Tip: If your pictures tend to move or are not staying in place once hung, use double sided stickies. I placed them behind one corner of the frame to keep it in place.

There are so many ways to achieve this look. Some people use painters tape to create the size of the frame, while others use an online photo editing software to create spaces around the TV. I personally like to start with two frames that I love and work around them as I go. I kind of just wing it! If you follow our blog, Four Generations One Roof, I will be sharing the full reveal of this room in the next few weeks.

If you’ve ever wanted to create a family memory wall, now is the time! Round up a group of picture frames and create a beautiful wall that everyone can enjoy. I am thinking about making our memory wall seasonal and changing out the pictures every couple of months. I think that would be so fun!

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