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A Gathering That’s All Your Own

March 16, 2017
by HG Insider

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What are the moments that make your home special? Maybe you gather your neighbors to eat pancakes every Sunday or invite your girlfriends over for a monthly book club (paired with a little wine, of course).

Part of creating a home is celebrating the everyday moments that happen inside of it, in a style that’s all your own. So, gather family, friends (and ones soon-to-be), and plan a get-together that has your name written all over it — complete with new finds from HomeGoods that make it all possible.

Open House Sundays
If you’re prone to the Sunday night blues, open up your home with a Sunday potluck instead. Spice it up with a themed twist, like inviting everyone to bring a family-style Italian dish.

Set the scene with a welcoming, Mediterranean-inspired table. From bright linens and dishes to serveware and centerpieces, mix-matched place settings create an ambiance as unique as the people you’re gathering with (and are perfect for a large crowd).

Don’t be afraid to take dinner out of the dining room and into other spaces in your home, like your kitchen and living areas. Put everyone’s dish on display with a buffet-style set up that encourages mingling… and makes it easier for guests to help themselves to seconds and thirds.

Girl’s Night In
We never need an excuse to hang with our girlfriends, but why not throw a weekly viewing party of your favorite show? Turn your coffee table into your entertaining hot spot, where everyone has a front row seat to capture all of the Thursday night drama.

Never underestimate the bonding power of floor seating. Create a cozy nook of seat pillows and ottomans, pop open the champagne and serve up a few of your favorite small bites. This playful approach to a girl’s night is sure to make for one memorable evening.

One way to add flair as a hostess? Invent your own signature drink inspired by the seasons or show! Set up a bar station where your girlfriends can create their own versions all night long.

Family Game Night
From work schedules to after school activities, life can get busy. Make the most of family time by picking a night during the week to gather with the kids and watch a movie or play games.

Encourage everyone to put the gadgets away by making it a no cell phone zone. Set up your favorite board games in the living room or play rounds of Table Topics while you eat. No need to keep score when everyone’s having a good time!

Why not let your kids plan the dinner menu? It’s a fun way to get them involved with the evening — and yes, breakfast is allowed for dinner.

Takeout Tuesdays
Switch up your weekly routine with a takeout night. Rally your family or a group of friends to order a smorgasbord of local fare. Not only is it a simple way to create a new tradition with your family, but it also saves for major dish clean up later.

Keep it casual and eat at the kitchen island, or dress up the meal with patterned napkins and colorful dishes. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you eat—it’s how (and with whom) you enjoy the meal!

At HomeGoods, we believe homes were made for gathering. Fill it with the people you love, and we’ll help make sure it looks the way you love, too. Make it a place that let’s you savor each and every moment—#MakeHomeYours.

See how Apt. 5D creates their very own Pancake Sunday:


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