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5 Decor Trends to Try for Spring

March 15, 2017
by HG Guest

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Today’s guest blogger is Rachel Pereira of Shades of Blue Interiors.

As a DIY and home decor blogger, it is my job to decorate for seasons or holidays much earlier than the average person. The advantage to the earlier decorating is I start to notice trends and can choose which ones work with my aesthetic. Today, myself and 21 of my favorite bloggers are sharing our homes decorated for spring, as a Spring Home Tour hop. “What’s a hop?”, you might wonder? Don’t worry, we aren’t bringing back that classic line dance from the 50s while touring around our homes. It’s just an easy way to virtually ‘hop’ to and from each blogger’s home, by linking to each other at the bottom. I also thought it would be fun to share with you 5 trends I’ve noticed in spring decorating, with examples from each blogger, so that you can figure out which ones might work with your aesthetic!

1. Coastal Vibe: Navy and Aqua
With a base palette of neutrals (natural wood tones, creams, whites, grays), adding in navy, indigo, pale blues and aqua is a great way to create the breezy, coastal feel without having to resort to seashells or palm fronds. This color palette is very calming and timeless, while also having the versatility to work well with pops of color through fresh flowers.

Photos by Rooms FOR Rent Blog (Top); Zevy Joy (Bottom)

Photos by The Lettered Cottage (Left); Making Home Base (Right)

2. Clean & Minimal
Perhaps a more subtle nod to spring is having a clean and minimally decorated space. Spring is, after all, the most common time of the year to see extra bags of trash on the curb, piled with old pieces of furniture, and car trunks loaded with boxes of things to donate. With that extra light that the season brings, it is a perfect time to show off clean surfaces as well as organized and simply styled shelves.  This trend is all about showcasing what you truly love, and nothing extra that’s just for the sake of filling space.

Photos by Jones Design Company (Left); The Chronicles of Home (Right Top); Maison de Pax (Right Bottom)

Photo by Nesting Place

3. Soft Blush and Florals
This time of year is the perfect opportunity to try out a soft blush throw pillow or blanket to mix in with some of your neutrals. Paired with some fresh-cut blooms, it’s a pretty way to add a feminine or romantic feel without overpowering the room. If you don’t want the maintenance of fresh flowers, consider a faux arrangement! HomeGoods has a vast selection or very real-looking faux flowers, with all different colors to coordinate or add that pop of color.

Photos by Finding Silver Pennies (Top Left); Town & Country Living (Top Right); AKA Design (Bottom)

Photo by TIDBITS

4. Whimsical
Often the most endearing part of a room is when whimsical touches are added. They give the room life by providing balance to a highly organized or beautifully designed room. Word art, pompoms, bunny decor figures, gardening pots and plants, are trends that are seen everywhere in HomeGoods this time of year, and are all great ways to add a sense of playfulness and welcome.

Photos by Cherished Bliss (Top Left); Clean & Scentsible (Bottom Left); Unskinny Boppy (Right)
5. Well-Styled Entry
Warmer temperatures of spring means more time spent outside. You might notice your front door is left open a little longer, neighbors might pop in and friends or family come over for BBQs. An entry is the first place guests see in your home, and giving it some style with a few simple items is welcoming and easy to do. If you don’t have some already, consider adding hooks to display a fresh/faux wreath or greens, and make commonly used items like a floppy hat, light scarf and purse easily accessible. With a few things hung up and plenty of empty hooks, it eliminates the “too clean” or “too perfect” look. Plus, it invites guests to feel at home.

Photos by The Golden Sycamore (Top Left); Shades of Blue Interiors (Bottom Left); Home Stories A to Z (Right)

I hope you enjoyed these snippets into each blogger’s home as I discussed these 5 trends in spring home decor this year. Make sure to click over to any of the links above to see more of that blogger’s home tour! To start at my blog, go here.

Rachel Pereira is the blogger behind the popular DIY and home decor blog, Shades of Blue Interiors. She employs her artistic passion through budget-friendly interior design, DIY home decor and crafts, and hand-built furniture on her blog, Shades of Blue Interiors. She lives in St. Louis with her husband and three children. Rachel is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


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