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How One Couch Inspired a Living Room Transformation

March 09, 2017
by Lizbeth

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When I made the decision to give my living room a new look, I didn’t know what style I was going for. What I did know is that I wanted something completely different from what I had.

The first thing I did was go to HomeGoods to find a couch. I was looking for something with a 1950s vibe: elegant and sophisticated.

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I found this couch that has a 19th century English design with rolled arms and tufting. It’s classic and refined, perfect for my style! The color is the opposite of what I had in mind, but once I laid eyes on this it brightened up my day. I fell in love immediately with the style, color, design — everything!

This transformation took a lot of work. I had to paint the walls, paint some furniture and make new curtains. I wanted a room that had a little more light, but as you can see, my living room was a little gray and a little dark.

Photo by Home & Fabulous

Decorating can get overwhelming at times if you don’t know where to start. First thing’s first: choosing your paint color for the walls. Once you get that done, you will be able to move on with everything else.

I painted the walls an oyster white color. I love how it’s bright and is the perfect contrast with the couch and gray ceiling.

When you’re shopping for couches, it’s important to have your living room measurements down so you don’t buy something that’s too big. Neutral colors are a great investment since you can combine them with any color you like — and it’ll last you for years.

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An area rug is a must. Not having one makes your space look bare. Whether you choose a more neutral shade or pick one in color, there’s nothing a good rug can’t fix. If you choose a bright color, make sure it has shades of your couch in it as well.

Photo by Home & Fabulous

Photo by Home & Fabulous

Art and decorative accents bring life to your space. Consider an accent wall or your own custom gallery wall. You can also choose a large mirror or your favorite piece of art to act as a focal point.

Photo by Home & Fabulous

Dress up your windows to help bring your space together. Make sure it’s the correct size: touching the ground will give it a clean and elegant look.

Photo by Home & Fabulous

Last, but certainly not least, are pillows. Choose as many styles as you like, but make sure they’re in the same color family. Pillows keep your space cozy and inviting.

I’m the type of person that isn’t afraid to combine different styles as long as everything looks good together — and don’t be afraid to do the same. That’s the beauty of life; not everything has to be perfect.

Now my living room is full of light and ready to entertain guest in a relaxed ambience full of love.

Lizbeth is a paid blogger. She writes Home & Fabulous. She’s a mother, wife, grandma to an adorable puppy, and an interior designer. Whether it’s building a gallery wall, styling a tabletop, or picking out the perfect accent pieces, she loves to show her readers how to do it with glamour and flair.

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