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How to Create an Island Vibe for Spring

March 03, 2017
by Amy

Furniture and Home Accents

Are you as ready for spring as I am? It’s a good time to refresh your space with a new, warm weather look. My mom and I created a fun island vibe in her living room, and used a few new pieces from HomeGoods.

Last year, large green palm patterns were a predominant trend in home decor. This year, I saw this subtle gold palm trend at HomeGoods. I love how it’s a little more neutral, but it still brings a nice island feel to a space. The traditional furniture in this room feels refreshed with a few of these new pieces, as you’ll see.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

Adding a white faux fur throw over this brown sofa gives it a lighter, brighter feel for the warmer months. A couple of white pillows with a gold palm motif helped set the tone for the island feel we were going for. Additionally, we found this great distressed Persian style area rug in cream, gold and silver to lighten up the floor. It’s the perfect complement to the lighter colors on the sofa.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

The space is full of texture. We filled this white shell bowl with faux succulents for an added touch of green.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

Another fun addition to the room is this gold framed artwork we found. It was destined to be next to these pillows!

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

My mom loves orchids, and they suit the theme well. The best part is, these are “faux real,” so no high maintenance here!

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

We had a little fun playing with the styling of this coffee table. Sometimes it takes a few different arrangements to get the look just right. Try placing a variety of heights and shapes on your coffee table for contrast.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

On the other side of the room, we added a real palm tree in the corner as well as faux stems in a vase.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

Another palm pillow and a little fur for the feet, makes this corner the perfect place to relax.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

We dressed up the antique buffet for a tropical cocktail party with beautiful stemware, crystal decanters and a simple, white runner.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

Overall, it was really easy and inexpensive to create an entirely new look for this room. By keeping your larger pieces neutral, you have the freedom to bring in seasonal patterns and colors for an easy change up!

Do you have a look you’d like to create in your home? Stop by HomeGoods and be inspired!


Amy is a paid blogger for HomeGoods.  She loves to share all of the affordable finds she uses to create a beautiful and comfortable home.