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Simple Ways to Brighten Your Home for Winter

February 09, 2017
by Amy

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Here we are in the midst of winter. The days can be long, cold and maybe a even a little dreary, but there are a few ways to lighten up your home. It’s easy to make an impactful change, without breaking the bank.

Here is what my living room looked like, just before I made these easy winter changes.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

The rug, pillows, curtains and accessories were all in navy tones for fall.


Photo by Crazy Chic Design

The update for winter all began with a pair of pink lamps that I just happened to stumble across at HomeGoods.

I tend to always use pink in my house at different points in the year. I went on a hunt within my own home and found everything in the color palette, but I also did a little more shopping for a few new pieces.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

I brought this white rug out of my bedroom, for now, to lighten things up. It’s so cozy under your bare feet! My three kids just love it. In fact, they actually like to move the coffee table out of the way so they can lay down on it!

You may be thinking that you could never use white, but I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can! I try to maintain a rule of no eating in this space (and everyone generally abides by it). I run a vacuum cleaner over it every couple days, and it stays beautiful!

I’ve had this blush throw from HomeGoods for a while, and I also had one blush pillow, so I brought these back out. I always have white pillows on the couch as a base, then I add in a few colored or patterned ones for an easy update. I love mixing in a couple colors, sizes and shapes. And I almost always use a metallic pillow or two to add a little dimension.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

The days are still very chilly, so using a few throw blankets in the same color scheme will help keep everyone nice and cozy. I also use some faux flower arrangements that I found at HomeGoods. They have so many varieties to choose from, and these pale pink roses were the perfect complement to my decor.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

Remember those dark navy curtain panels I had in the room before? Well, I’ve made a very easy and impactful change by replacing them with white panels. Look how much more light they allow into the space. This really helps brighten the room.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

I also found a nice new piece of art that features the pale pink and blush colors I wanted. HomeGoods has a variety of large scale pieces of art that are very affordable.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

I’ve added pinks, creams, metallics, organics and textures to the fireplace. This is also a good place to add fresh blooms.

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

I’m in love with velvet ribbon lately, so I added a pretty little bow to my vase to soften it a bit. You can use this quick and inexpensive trick anywhere!

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

All in all, I decided on my color scheme, added a few new pink pieces and shopped my own collection to complete my restyle and refresh. This was an inexpensive, yet impactful way to bring a whole new, brightened look to my home for winter.

I hope you’ll give this a try in your home. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how a few new pieces will give your home a brand new look!

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