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Use Pops of Color for a Warm, Winter Living Room

January 30, 2017
by Jessica

Furniture and Home Accents

To help beat the winter chill, our living room got a mini makeover recently. Today, I am sharing the entire room and how we accomplished a cozy, warm aesthetic with pops of color.

I found two solid, lavender pillows at HomeGoods and then added lavender accents throughout the room. A picture frame and one of the vases on the shelf also have hints of lavender.

Living room winter refresh

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

I remember when I found these three vases at HomeGoods. I spaced them out on top of a bureau and just stared at them, trying to see if they coordinated together. A woman walked by and asked, “Trying to figure out which one to buy?”

I told her, “Well, I think I may get them all; just trying to see if they place nicely together.”

She laughed and said, “Good idea, buy them all!”

Living room winter refresh

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

Design tip: To add dimension and texture to space, try gathering three objects that are different in texture, color and size. In this case, I stayed with warm brown tones but the wood, ceramic and ribbed center vases are all different materials, which adds visual appeal to the shelf.

I love how the brown and lavender coordinate together. The metal industrial cabinet has very harsh lines and the deep almost-black color isn’t very warm, so I added a tweed table runner to soften the lines and add coziness. It’s amazing what a small accent like a runner can do for a piece of furniture.

Living room winter refresh

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

I am a big believer in a sofa table of some kind behind the couch, especially if the couch floats in the middle of the room. This is the perfect place to add a lamp and pictures. For those of you who are wondering, I run the lamp cord under the couch and use a three-foot white extension cord to plug the lamp into the wall.

One of my favorite pieces in the room is the faux fur rug I found at HomeGoods.

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

It anchors the space and adds winter warmth to the room. What I love about these throw pillows from HomeGoods is that they are interchangeable and can be used in spring or even summer.

The fur pillows, rug and winter lilies give you the seasonal feel of winter. Be sure to check out my previous post for more detailed shots of the fabric ottoman coffee table and how you can incorporate this into your own home.

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