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The Secret to Coffee Table Decorating

January 26, 2017
by Lizbeth

Furniture and Home Accents

When you’re in search of an inspired way to bring new life to your home, look no further than the coffee table. Winter is still here, so we have to make sure our home feels warm and extra cozy!


Photo by Home & Fabulous

Let’s start with a tray and books. If your table is big, pick out a larger tray to keep it proportional. I recommend filling it with pieces that have different styles, textures and colors.


Photo by Home & Fabulous

You can add dimension to your table by grouping your favorite decor pieces. A bowl is another great way to show off the items you love.


Photo by Home & Fabulous

If you don’t like your remotes lying around, opt for a box where you can store them all out of sight. Look for something that is reflective of the room and your personal style.


Photo by Home & Fabulous

Try to include items with varying heights so they stand out more. One of my favorite ways to do this is with candles. It gives your room a wonderful ambiance and even more so when they’re scented. It helps me relax after a long, stressful day.


Photo by Home & Fabulous

The best part? If you feel a little bored with your coffee table, you can add almost anything to it. Just remember to fill it with things you love!

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