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Beat the Winter Chill with a Living Room Refresh

January 18, 2017
by Jessica

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It’s a little chilly here in Massachusetts, but we are making the best of it. I finally got our Christmas tree out of our living room and decided the space needed a winter refresh. What’s the best way to update a room in the middle of winter? A dose of warm toned throw pillows with a pop of color to brighten it up.

Living room winter refresh

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

This week, I am sharing how to incorporate winter pillows, throws and coffee table accessories. Next week will be the big reveal that shares the gorgeous decor accents that complete the look.

How do I pick out throw pillows? When I visit my local HomeGoods store, I see what’s in stock. I find a color that speaks to me; a color that I can’t seem to stop looking at. It may come in a form of a pattern or it may be a solid pillow. It usually jumps off the shelf and says, “Buy me!” This suede pillow below was my winter dream pillow that did just that.

Winter Refresh Living Room

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

Now that I had my tan, suede, statement pillow, it was time to mix in the other ones. It’s winter right? Faux fur, suede and a geometric patterned pillow looked fabulous together.

Winter Refresh Living Room

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

Our sectional is fairly large, so it typically looks nice with 8 or 9 pillows. Don’t laugh, but I brought home 16 of them. But when you are decorating, you need options. You can always return what doesn’t look good, right?

I decided the brown tones were looking a bit boring, so I added a pop of color with the lavender solid pillows along with an amazing sequin pillow. I found the lavender pillows in the bedding aisle as part of a display bed. When shopping a HomeGoods store, you must shop every aisle. You never know what you might find!

Winter Refresh Living Room

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

The coffee table ottoman is one that I scored at HomeGoods right before Christmas. It was on clearance and I almost fell over with excitement. Some may shy away from a fabric tufted ottoman as a coffee table. The first thing my husband said was, “Where is my drink suppose to go?” Well, that’s what trays are for!

Don’t be afraid to add a tray for drinks, remotes and add a few decorative items like a vase filled with flowers and a few candles.


Photo by Four Generations One Roof

I really love this look! The oversized ottoman also looks great with a throw draped across it and the winter lilies in the vase make the room smell amazing!

Stay tuned for next week — I’ll be back sharing the entire room and how I incorporated vases and picture frames into the mix.

You can find more of Jessica’s projects at Four Generations One Roof, where she shares her insane multigenerational living arrangement, DIY home renovations, projects and family recipes.