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How to Add Charm By Mixing Vintage & New

January 12, 2017
by Courtney

Furniture and Home Accents

A home filled with collected charm is inviting and tells a story. It is a home that has a personality. Decorating with collected charm is about embracing all of the quirks that come with antiques, and mingling those pieces with new loves.

A room filled with only vintage items might feel a bit like an antique store, and one with only new pieces can feel like it is missing something. But together, both styles complement one another and create a look that so many of us love. Here are three tips for decorating with vintage and new to achieve the look that is perfect for you.

1. Something old
In the living room, I have newer seating and a simple reclaimed wood side table. To bring in some of that vintage charm, I used an old bench made from fence boards as a coffee table as well as an antique mirror on the wall. Together they echo that chippy, distressed charm.


Photo by French Country Cottage

On the patio, a vintage table mixes perfectly with newer pieces like wicker chairs and a patterned rug. To achieve a cohesive look, it is key to make sure that the colors and finishes work together. You don’t want pieces to compete or stand out too much when mixing the two styles. They can stand together even though they are years apart.


Photo by French Country Cottage

2. Something new
Something new doesn’t have to be modern in style; it can have that older look you love. This reclaimed wood stool from HomeGoods is my “something new” for the bathroom.


Photo by French Country Cottage

The old world charm that this brand new stool has is perfect for adding an antique feel to a space when you don’t have an authentic vintage piece.

3. On the shelf
A perfect spot for trying your hand at mixing vintage and new is a china cabinet or cupboard full of dishes. I am a huge fan of white dishes and I love to mix them for a unique look; it’s something you can’t walk into a dish department to get.


Photo by French Country Cottage

The top shelf is full of several white tureens and pitchers, all antiques found at thrift stores.

The second shelf has both old and new elements: the pitcher, stacked plates, bowls and coppery goodness are all brand new finds from HomeGoods. The only vintage pieces here are the platter and two plates in the background.

And the third shelf is all new, once again.


Photo by French Country Cottage

I have collected vintage finds for several years, but can’t resist bringing home a couple more of these blue and white decorative pieces when I discover them at HomeGoods. Even though these are all various ages — some 50 years apart — they mingle perfectly on the mantel for a collected look.

When it comes to creating collected charm in your home, don’t be afraid to put your grandmother’s china on display amongst your everyday dishes. Or bring that antique mirror you love home with you to to make a statement in your modern room.

The most interesting rooms and displays are the ones that tell a story, whether it is with patina, a shiny new finish or an older piece that reveals its history through the cracks and chipped paint. Just remember that there are no hard or fast rules — simply mix the pieces you love together and if it makes you happy, it is perfect.

Courtney writes the blog French Country Cottage where she shares lifestyle & design inspirations and the ongoing renovations of her 1940’s cottage. 

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