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How to Create a Cozy Bedroom

January 06, 2017
by HG Guest

Bed and Bath Furniture and Home Accents

This week’s guest blogger is Krystine Edwards of Living Pretty Styled.

My bedroom is my sanctuary. After a long day of work, children and being an adult, I’m exhausted. I do enjoy our cozy sofa but something about being in bed reading or watching a movie makes me so happy.

I love the feeling of the cold crisp sheets, the weight of my duvet cover and the softness of my pillows. I love the way the room looks, the smell of the candle and the fact that the bed is spacious and that I can stretch across it and relax.


Photo by Krystine Edwards

When it comes to creating a space that is my sanctuary, I take many steps to prepare. First, the bed must be comfy. To make it even more fabulous, the sheets needs to be cotton and I love a down duvet. The cover for my duvet must be extra soft as well. I have several pillows, all down as well, and a throw I keep on the end of the bed. Some pillows are for sleeping and the others are for décor. The throw at the end of the bed is perfect for when I don’t want to be under a heavy duvet and for that little pop of color.


Photo by Krystine Edwards

Lighting is very important as well. It must be beautiful and interesting, but also be a great light that creates the sanctuary ambiance. If it’s too bright then you aren’t relaxing; too dark, and all you do is sleep.


Photo by Krystine Edwards

Finally, the accessories are the finishing touch. For a smaller cozy room, I love adding a floor mirror. It helps make the room appear larger and can serve as an art piece.


Photo by Krystine Edwards

Some type of seating or bench gives you a place for items such as clothing or bags, and even offers a place to sit while getting ready. Finally, the flowers and the candle are the finishing touch. The smell from the candle and the visual of the flowers make the space feel even more special.


Photo by Krystine Edwards

Whether done by a color, a certain type of bedding or even the placement of furniture, there are limitless ways to create a cozy bedroom.