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Organize Your New Year with These Home Office Solutions

January 05, 2017
by Lizbeth

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When the new year rolls around, we always think of new years resolutions. Many people have goals for eating better or working out more. My resolution was to organize my home for the new year.

I had to start with my home office, since that’s where I spend most of my time. I went to HomeGoods and let me tell you, they have everything you need to get organized! My trip to was nothing short of successful.


Photo by Home and Fabulous

My home office isn’t that big, so I knew I was in for a challenge trying to organize while making everything visible and accessible. I have a huge bookshelf were I put storage boxes with all of my items that are just laying around. We all have those things we don’t really use, so I decided to store them in boxes with labels so everything is simple and easy to find.


Photo by Home and Fabulous

In the wicker boxes, I stored bulkier items like candles (I have tons) and old papers. Not only are they perfect when it comes to organizing, but they look super chic.


Photo by Home and Fabulous


Photo by Home and Fabulous

My desk drawers used to look like junk drawers. I had to sort through everything just to find the one thing I needed. I decided to use these plates to help keep me organized because they were a perfect size for the drawer.


Photo by Home and Fabulous

You could also use small bowls or jars to help separate and store office supplies, too. Now everything is clutter-free.

I hope this post gave you some motivation to do the same. Get to organizing your home for the new year and you’ll see how much better everything looks and feels. Until next time!

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