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Live Well & Feel Good with HomeGoods

January 02, 2017
by HG Insider

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After a season of indulging in holiday festivities, the new year brings new resolutions for your home and for your self.

We know that eating well and getting back to an everyday routine are important to you. And so, we’re introducing our new Wellness department — a carefully curated selection of health-conscious ingredients and foods, all at HomeGoods prices.

Inspired by local farmer’s markets and food stands, we want to help make it easier for you to set your healthy goals and keep them all year round.

Cook Well, Bake Well
Whether you have dietary restrictions or are looking to build a better pantry, we have a variety of foods to help support healthy living.

From seed oils to nut butters, make simple swaps to your kitchen ingredients — like white flour to almond flour — with some health-conscious alternatives.

Or whip up a dish from any of our ancient grains, beans, gluten-free pastas and vegan sauces.

Snack Well
You shouldn’t feel like you need to compromise nutrition when you’re on the go. Fill your kitchen snack stash with our selection of nuts, dried fruits and trail mixes that are readily accessible and tasty.

With veggie and bean chips and gluten-free cookies, we’ll gladly reach for seconds (or thirds) during snack time—guilt-free! 

Be Well
Feel mindfull with your hydration choices. Refresh your day with teas and coconut water; or for something more substantial, we have an array of blended smoothie mixes.

Customize them to your liking: add a sweet note with cacao and goji or enhance them with protein powders and supplements.

One of our favorite reasons to stock up on chia and flax seeds? They’re double-duty products! Throw them in a smoothie, or use them while baking.

Incorporate health-conscious ingredients into your life without a lot of expense, and step into 2017 on a healthier foot.

Good for you, and healthy savings, too!