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After the holidays when all the twinkling trees, mantels adorned in greens and sprinkling of holiday magic are put away for the season, the house can feel a bit bare. And with the chilly weather of winter ahead, it is a perfect time to think about adding some winter charm to warm up your home.

Today, I am sharing a few simple ideas for adding a bit of warmth to help make your home feel cozy and welcoming.

1. A winter wreath
Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays or for your front door. Sometimes a simple wreath is perfect for adding a touch of warmth to a room. I love to pick up some of the dried herb wreaths at HomeGoods for decorating all season long.


Photo by French Country Cottage

2. Pile on the the pillows
I love pillows for adding warmth to a room. Placed on a sofa or chair, they instantly change the look. Pile them up for a super soft, sink-into-the-chair feeling, or add just a few — either way, pillows are perfect for winter stylings.

3. Candles
Who doesn’t love the soft flicker of a candle in a room? Candles help illuminate at night, but the right scent can also fill the room with a burst of cozy. One of my must-stops at HomeGoods is the candle aisle. Buy several of the same candle (if they have them) so that you can burn them together. Grouping four or five on a coffee table does wonders for adding a touch of cozy.


Photo by French Country Cottage

4. New bedding
A new comforter, duvet or throw is always a good idea in my book. And for winter, the more the merrier. I love to add a burst of pretty with florals and a quilt in a soft neutral, like blush or cream. Don’t forget a chunky knit blanket for those nights when it is extra chilly.


Photo by French Country Cottage

5. Warmth underfoot
Another idea for cozying up your home is to add a little warmth underfoot. Rugs of any kind will work, but plush rugs are some of my favorites. And a bonus: the color and style of the rug can help add warmth as well as bring in a pop of color that says, “Welcome!”


Photo by French Country Cottage

6. Fresh flowers
These are always a good idea, especially in winter when the house is feeling a bit stark and the days are short. Fresh flowers do wonders for a room, and they don’t have to be expensive. Pick up a bunch of the $5 Friday special or a bouquet of longer lasting flowers if you prefer, and enjoy.


Photo by French Country Cottage

The best part about all of these warm-up-your-home ideas? They are all easy and inexpensive to do!

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