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I’m always searching for ways to make my home look pretty and festive. Thankfully, a trip to HomeGoods usually does the trick. I am sure to find something beautiful to change things up or set the scene for a celebration. Even though I love my HomeGoods finds, I also like to personalize things a bit to suit my style and show my guests how much I care.

diy cork leaf decor

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With Thanksgiving dinner just around the corner, I thought I’d share six ideas for adding a chic and cheerful personal touch to your Turkey Day place settings.

1. Look to nature

With Mother Nature putting on a colorful show, let’s start there for inspiration.

natural table setting ideas

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Something as simple as a few leaves and acorns can dress up a plate for the season. The bold colors of autumn leaves will make your table pop; plus they are free.

apple table decor

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Apples can also be used. I had great success with them on my table during my Fall Home Tour. What made them extra special was that the stems and leaves were still attached. I was lucky enough to pick these from my own yard, but you can visit a local orchard or even glue a stem and leaves onto a store-bought apple.

2. Craft a personalized tag

I recently made these fun and unique Tag Banners as fall décor. Once I was finished with them for fall and Halloween, I realized they would make great tags for my table.

tag personalized napkin

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Each tag is adorned with a foil alphabet sticker and tied to a rolled up napkin with twine. If you use letters that correspond to the initial of the first name of each of your guests, the tags can do double duty as place cards.

3. A cork placemat

If you’re looking to get more hands-on with your table décor, try whipping up these over-sized cork leaves. They can serve as placemats, a table runner or even a trivet for hot foods.

setting a thanksgiving table

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However you use them, this simple project is guaranteed to give chic, seasonal style to your table. Get the full tutorial for these as well as free leaf templates here.

4. Stamp a graphic napkin

As I shared in a post a few weeks ago here on Design Happy, you can personalize your napkins using rubber stamps and ink. Learn how to make them.

pumpkin stamped napkin

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Whether you spell out the names of your guests, add a holiday greeting or simply use a seasonal graphic, such as leaves or pumpkins, this is a fun and easy way to bring a completely original touch to each place setting.

5. Make a mini rosemary wreath

If you still have rosemary in your garden, why not create a mini wreath? All you need is floral wire, twine and a fresh sprig of rosemary.

rosemary wreath

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Simply tie the rosemary to the floral wire using a small piece of twine. Then, wrap the floral wire around the rosemary and shape it into a circle. Snip off any excess floral wire and tie the twine into a bow. With that, your mini wreath is complete.

These wreaths are beautiful, and so fragrant.

6. Add a pop of color with wheat

If you prefer a more modern look for your table, try dressing up stalks of wheat with colorful embroidery floss.

You can find the full tutorial for how to create these here on my blog.

color wrapped wheat diy

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Clustered in a vase, they make a colorful centerpiece for your table. Or you can lay one or two on top of a plate for a simple embellishment.

wheat table decor

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Eye-catching, right? I think this idea might be my favorite.

I hope you found a few of these ideas useful or inspiring for dressing up your own table this Thanksgiving. What traditional or creative ways do you deck out your place settings for the holidays? 

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