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Halloween is almost here — which means it’s time to start thinking of costumes and spooky decor, especially if you’re planning a dinner party.

The table must be the center of attention, something your guests will talk about even after the night is over. You have to host your Halloween party in style!

On this table I used a little bit of purple, black and white and, of course, gold for the elegance.


Photo by Home & Fabulous

Layered plates create statement pieces for each guest.

Photo by Home & Fabulous

Select a fun Halloween theme for your top place. For the bottom, use a simple white charger and dress it up with black paper cut outs. White cups and gold cutlery give it that perfect touch.


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Flowers give your spooky table a bit of charm. On my table, I made two arrangements for each side of this grand candelabra. I added black candles, which are perfect for the occasion.


Photo by Home & Fabulous

This table looks elegant with white linens and a spider web table runner. Add some skeletons on the table and scattered spiders to make it spooky. Or even add insects to your flower arrangements to make it a bit more interesting. I opted for some hanging snakes.


Photo by Home & Fabulous

The table is always a great conversation starter no matter the occasion. I always try to make sure that my table stands out so my guests have a great time.

I hope my ideas are able to help you out for your next event. Have fun on this Halloween and don’t forget to be safe! Share your dinner party ideas with me in the comments below.

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