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“Home is where the heart is.” We’ve all heard the phrase, but in order for me to fully understand it, I first had to overlook my home’s little flaws and embrace its size.

When this house was built in 1938, it was a vacation home for people traveling from the colder, northern states. As Miami grew, the property became a permanent residence for many families. And now that we have been owners for a quite some time, I’ve come to realize that the history behind these walls (no matter the modest square footage) is what makes our house a home with a heart.

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Some of the of things I admire most about our dwelling are the brick covered floor and the nook in our small porch. These areas are part of the charm of our home, and I always find joy decorating them each time there’s a change of seasons. (Although, we can mostly say it’s always summer in Miami.)

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This year, Autumn decor in our house involves the use of color. I’ve always been keen on a more neutral palette, but I decided to give green, red and yellow a chance. Ever since I painted our front door yellow, these hues were the way to go.

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The best way to add a touch of color is with plants. I used a black urn to hold fall’s favorite flowers: the mums. The dark vase helps bring out the colors of the plants. I also added some grapevine pumpkins I found at HomeGoods to our porch because the thin branches give them an airy look that’s ideal for this small space.

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Lanterns also give this porch that Autumnal look. For safety reasons, I always use them with battery-operated candles. I placed one on the floor and the other in the brick nook to help accentuate the spot. Next to it, I placed a small swag with a bunch of colorful (real) leaves, also from HomeGoods. These hues instantly catch the eye and I love the look they add to the decor.

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The final accent on our porch is the wreath, which I made from old pieces of foam, fruits, silk and real leaves that I’ve collected over the years. The apples, which I found at HomeGoods, give this wreath life, while the colors pop against our yellow door.

Entryway Fall Decor 2016 1
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I love how this area looks and how I’ve embraced the use of color. It brings so much light and happiness. Are you planning on decorating your porch with bright, cheerful colors or with a warm, subtle palette? Share your ideas with me below.

Gloribell Lebron is an interior stylist and designer with a strong background and knowledge in graphic design. She is also a blogger at I Don’t Know How She Does It. (Find her on InstagramPinterestTwitter and Facebook.)

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