How to Add New Art to Your Walls

September 9, 2016

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

Are you thinking about adding new art to your walls? Here are a few things to consider. First, decide on a color palette. For my space, I decided to look for something in the blues.

There are so many wonderful variations of blue — from cobalt to sky to turquoise — and each one provides a soothing feel. Next, consider the theme you would like to achieve. I’ve been really enjoying a relaxed coastal vibe in my home, so when I saw these blue coral prints I knew they would be the perfect addition to my walls.

Beachy View #2

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

When you have a large wall space, think about using two or more prints along with another feature, such as a mirror. A pair of matching prints or a mix and match set of prints in similar colors works well.

Also, I generally like to mix shapes on a wall — for example, a round mirror with rectangular prints — so the decor doesn’t look too similar. However, if the textures and colors of the frames are different, you can still achieve a unique and varied look. In this space, I think the driftwood-inspired mirror next to the metallic frames and coral prints complement each other well.

Coral Print #3

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

Now it’s time to determine where to hang your art. I hung my mirror in the center of the wall and the console table, so it was best to place my new prints with equal spacing on either sides of the mirror. This will create a balanced look on your wall.

Coral Art #4

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

Your new wall art, combined with varied accessories on a console table, will create a lot of visual interest in a space. Mixing metallics and textures, alongside organic elements are always a must in my book.

Dining Room Art #5

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

Don’t forget to pull in some of your blue hues in textiles to soften your space as well.

Coastal Console Table #6

Photo by Crazy Chic Design

I hope these tips have inspired you to add some new art to your walls. What colors would you choose for new artwork? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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