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Bar carts have been around for quite some time and used in different ways from plant holders to coffee stations. These versatile furniture pieces can even become a decorative accent when beautifully styled. While I love all of these great ideas and uses for bar carts, today I’m sharing some basic elements you’ll need for getting them ready for a party.

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It will all depend on the drinks that will be served during the event (think champagne flutes, red or white wine glasses, cocktail and/or whiskey glasses, etc.). But keep in mind you don’t always have to go for glass. Nowadays, melamine pieces look as good as their glass counterparts with the advantage of being more resistant to breakage.

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Trays are a very convenient piece when transporting drinks from the cart to the table. They can also keep the glassware or the beverage bottles organized inside of the bar cart.

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These are important when trying to open, mix and shake. For example, don’t forget bottle openers, cocktail shakers, corkscrews, an ice bucket, tongs, strainer and knife.


It will all depend on your personal taste and your friends, but as a beverage guide bourbon, tequila, vodka, white rum and wines are a good place to start. Sodas, juices and sparkling water are also must-haves important when creating drinks (and to have on hand for non-alcoholic versions).


Give special drinks a pretty touch with your choice of: lemons, oranges, macchiato cherries, sugar and salt, just to name a few. Don’t forget to place these in small dishes.

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Beautiful coasters, stirrers, straws, toothpicks and napkins should also be part of your bar cart essentials.

Decorative elements

Add some personality with anything from a simple flower arrangement to a tall apothecary vase filled with wine corks. The idea is to add a personal and whimsy touch to your bar cart.

Remember, this is just a guide to give you some ideas of things you might need when getting your bar cart set for a party. You can always add your personal touch with the glasses you use (gold rimmed or ones that are engraved) or with colorful beverage bottles to add a festive look. The idea is to be as creative as you can and to have fun!

Do you have any bar cart essentials? Tell me in the comments below.

Gloribell Lebron is an interior stylist and designer with a strong background and knowledge in graphic design. She is also a blogger at I Don’t Know How She Does It. (Find her on InstagramPinterestTwitter and Facebook.)


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