Transitional Style Living Room

Photo by HomeGoods

A few weeks ago, I worked with HomeGoods as a stylist on their summer social photo shoot and was tasked with creating a modern farmhouse living room. Open space living is very popular right now, so when a living and dining room share a space, they need to coordinate and transition well with each other. Oh and by the way, everything you see, is from HomeGoods, furnishings and all.

Neutral Furnishings

As you can see, the couch and side chair are light neutral colors. This allows you to add fun pillows and accents. I chose a warm toned rustic coffee table (that is absolutely amazing by the way) and a beautifully warm stained side table. Some get uneasy about mixing wood tones, but I love to mix and match. I normally just go with what I love and I try not to overthink it too much. I might be breaking all kinds of decorating rules, but in my opinion, if you like it, make it work!

Transitional Style Living Room

Throw Pillows and Blankets

I love to mix in different textured pillows. Ruffles, embroidered and solid pillows usually coordinate nicely, as long as you have two or three solid colors to balance the patterned pillows. The same thing goes for throws. Simply pick one or two colors from your throw pillows and pair with similar colored throw blankets. Plaid blankets are also a great addition in achieving a warm farmhouse look.

Transitional Style Living Room

Area Rug

My overall goal for this room was to create a warm, inviting modern farmhouse living room. Sisal rugs are, by far, my go-to rug for any space. They are simple, add great texture and allow you to mix in just about any furnishing or decor item without complicating things. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bold powerful area rug, but you are limited to the type of patterns and furnishings you can use.

Throw Pillows I decided to use a variety of texture when picking out throw pillows. Ruffles, embroidery and solid pillows usually coordinate nicely as long as you have two or three solid colors to balance the patterned pillows.

Window Treatments

Window treatments can be so much fun to play around with. For this space, I kept the drapery basic and simple because not only was I creating a summer themed living room, but I needed the living space to transition nicely into the dining space. When in doubt, a light brown curtain panel in a cotton/poly blend will go with just about anything.


Aren’t those chess pieces amazing? The heavy duty stature adds a fun element to the space while adding wooden texture. I am not sure if you noticed in the image above, but I added two stone lamps to the side table. Try pairing the same lamp in a large and small size to any side table and you might find that it looks stunning in your space. I especially love how they look lit up at night. When styling a modern farmhouse space, try choosing accessories that are rustic wood tones, stone and metal.

Transitional Style Living Room

And that’s a wrap!

Transitional Style Living Room

I find it much easier to design a large space, especially one that’s open concept, when the drapes, rug and furnishings are neutral. That gives me free reign to go crazy with accessories!

I had a great time creating this space and absolutely love all the different textures. It’s kind of fun to play around with this type of style.  I will be sharing the fun dining space you see in the background next month. Stay tuned! To see the other spaces I have designed for HomeGoods, check out Mid-Century Modern living room, Spring Dining Table, Casual Dining tables cape, and Creating a family room from scratch with HomeGoods.

You can find more of Jessica’s projects at Four Generations One Roof, where she shares her insane multigenerational living arrangement, DIY home renovations, projects and family recipes.

What are your must-have pieces for modern farmhouse living? Share with me in the comments below!

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