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There’s no better way to greet your friends into your home than by hanging a spring inspired wreath on your front door. While there are many places you could buy these, you can also flex your creative muscles by making your own.

I’ve put together a simple tutorial on how to make a beautiful wreath using easy-to-find materials. You can also reach a middle ground between these two approaches by buying a pre-made wreath and later adding your own special touch with silk flowers, small figurines or ribbons.

Spring Door Wreath DIY 1 materials

Photo by I Don’t Know How She Does It

For this project I began with a plain grapevine wreath (found at my local craft store), a couple of dried hydrangeas, silk fern leaves, preserved moss (from HomeGoods) and some teacups/tiny creamers (also from HomeGoods).

Spring Door Wreath DIY 2

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The first thing I did was glue the moss on the grapevine wreath using a hot glue gun. To create a more realistic look, I tucked the corners of the moss in between some of the branches.

Spring Door Wreath DIY 3

Photo by I Don’t Know How She Does It

After this was all dry, I scattered small bunches of hydrangeas and the fern silk leaves over the wreath and glued them down. During this process I made sure to leave some open spaces to later place the creamers in.

Spring Door Wreath DIY 4

Photo by I Don’t Know How She Does It

Next, I put some soil and small succulent cuttings from my garden into the small creamers. These plants are great for this project since they are drought-tolerant and will do great outside in a sunny area.

Spring Door Wreath DIY 5

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Using a craft wire, I tied the creamers to the wreath from the handles. To ensure that they were secure, I also used the glue gun on their backsides, careful to make sure these spots would not be visible. As a final aesthetic precaution, I made sure to cover these areas with more dried hydrangea bunches.

Spring Door Wreath DIY 8

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To properly tilt the creamers I placed the wreath in an upward position when hanging and gluing them. This helped me to arrange the tiny cups in a way that was interesting to the eye but wouldn’t cause the succulents to fall apart or come out of the creamers.

Spring Door Wreath DIY 6

Photo by I Don’t Know How She Does It

As you can see, this wreath was easy to make but still comes out looking well put together. While I’m happy with the design that I chose, there are endless possibilities to the accents you can add, such as small bunches of dried roses or clusters of plastic faux-fruit.

What would you add to your spring wreath? Let us know in the comment section below!

Gloribell Lebron is an interior stylist and designer with a strong background and knowledge in graphic design. She is also a blogger at I Don’t Know How She Does It. (Find her on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.)

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