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With a new year comes new opportunity, so when I was approached by HomeGoods and Homepolish to redesign my living room and bedroom, I jumped at the chance. I couldn’t be happier with the results! Homepolish helped me create a beautiful space using HomeGoods products based in neutral colors, fun patterns and interesting textures.


All photos By Lauren Joseph

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you find beautiful design at exceptional value, and this is something HomeGoods has perfected! Much to my husband’s chagrin, I spent many weekends and evenings preparing for this shoot with Homepolish by traveling to various HomeGoods locations around the city to seek out treasures for our living space.


For the above small dining area, I was able to accent the corner with a marble-framed mirror, a funky shag rug and an interesting decorative planter.


I continued this color scheme into the main end of my living room, layering my beige couch with about a half dozen throw pillows, all of different patterns and fabrics.


All three of these pillows were found at HomeGoods. I love how different they all are but how perfectly they mesh together. I especially love the thick, cable-knit texture of the pillow on the far left. It truly helps tie in all the various materials found on the couch.


It was all further pulled together by the large abstract painting on the wall, which I also found at HomeGoods. The white, silver and gold paint makes the patterned pillows and the gold accents on the coffee table really pop!


To the left of my couch you will find some more of my favorite pieces from HomeGoods. The metal framed table, rectangular marble lamp and the geometric patterned candle all come together nicely to create a comforting yet modern environment.


As you can see, I have extended this neutral color scheme to all edges of my home. I was thrilled to find the entry rug and the fun mirror during one of my many trips to HomeGoods. I paired them with a minimalist side table and a simple potted flower to bring personality to this discreet corner.


One of my favorite things to shop for at HomeGoods are small, decorative containers. Not only are they useful, but they can give any part of your home an edge. I mixed and matched textures and colors with the wood cutting board, patterned ceramic containers and a wide vase to compliment the one found on my dining table.


I was so happy that this collaboration with Homepolish and HomeGoods allowed me to create a bar area like I’ve always wanted. Even I, a frequent HomeGoods shopper, was amazed by the diversity of things I was able to find in this specific category that still matched my aesthetic. I was able to purchase the bar tray, glasses, and bee-hive mirror, which all come together to create a unique look.


With a little tenacity, creativity, and a patient husband, I found some amazing decorative pieces that transformed my living room and made it worthy of a Homepolish spread (see the full feature here).

A big thank you to the Homepolish team, and interior designer Caitlin, for partnering with us for this feature. It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend working with Homepolish if you’re seeking some design guidance. Make sure to check back later this week for the additional bedroom reveal!


Sara, Editor of Style MBA

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