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How do you stay sane during the back-to-school season? Sometimes I think my head is about to explode when school starts. Between getting the kids to bed on time, making sure they finish their homework and make it to sports practice on schedule, it gets a little chaotic. The best solution is to get organized and keep everyday items easily accessible.

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Photo from HomeGoods

In our home, keeping snacks available for kids in a bin or basket works great. A couple months ago, I worked with HomeGoods on a photo shoot to create a family room, dining room and a sitting area along with a grab-and-go station filled with food and beverages. As you can see, a tiered wooden tray works great for baggies filled with trail mix or any other kind of fun snack.

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Another way to stay organized is to create a seating area where homework can be done or  where the kids can relax and have a snack. I created this fun bistro area during the photo shoot in June. The chalkboard wall really makes this little area pop!

Stay organized during back to school

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If you’re looking for a way to display your kids’ schoolwork or create a message/command center, try adding a coat or two of chalkboard paint to a wall. It’s so much fun!

stay organized during back to school

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Another part of the house that I love is my coffee section. I’m useless without my morning cup, and having an area that is ready to go with my daily java is a perfect way to start the day.

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Photo from HomeGoods

If you’re contemplating a kitchen makeover, adding a grab-n-go coffee station is a great way to make sure you stay happy and motivated for those hectic school day mornings.

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When it comes to back-to-school, I always always ask myself, “What do we use first thing in the morning and right after school?” Once I have those needs figured out, creating quick accessibility is the key to staying organized.

Happy back-to-school and happy organizing! What are some ways you stay organized during this busy time of year? Share your ideas in the comments.

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