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Love is in bloom, wedding season is here and you’re invited to celebrate the happy day. I’m always looking for wedding gifts that are creative, unique and budget-friendly. Usually to get all three, you have to think outside the box. So, to ignite some inspiration, I’m off to HomeGoods.

I like to give something useful for young newlyweds because they’re just starting out, making a home and in need of the necessities.

After looking at few gift possibilities, I settled on a set of white towels. You can never go wrong with white towels that go with anything and feel very hotel chic.


Photo by Cathy Mortensen Design

At HomeGoods, I saw this set of beautiful fluffy white towels with silver infinity trim and I liked them. I bought two bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths, then some fragrant luxury soap to top it off.

I needed something cute to put them in, and remembered seeing these great storage boxes in another area of the store. I found a large one with a sweet saying on it. Just right for a couple in love.

Wedding towel gift2
Photo by Cathy Mortensen Design

At home, I played around with nice ways to arrange the towels in the box. I came up with these towel roses that seemed be a pretty and easy way to present the gift to make it special.

Here’s how I made the towel roses.

For the bath towels:

Wedding towel gift1
Photo by Cathy Mortensen Design

Arrange them in the box to stand up and hang over.


Photo by Cathy Mortensen Design

For the hand towels and washcloths:

Wedding towel gift

Photo by Cathy Mortensen Design

The big towels represent the big open roses and the smaller towels are the smaller roses and rose buds. Arrange them nice and tight in the box. Top them with some sprigs of faux mini-flowers and greens, plus a fragrant soap so that when the gift is opened they smell like flowers.


Photo by Cathy Mortensen Design

No wrapping is necessary, just pull the lid down to rest on the towels and tie it with a pretty ribbon. Add a starfish (or whatever else you’d like) to go with the box theme and include a card. Thus you’ve got a beautiful gift that receives a lot of oohs and aaahs on an affordable budget.


Photo by Cathy Mortensen Design


Photo by Cathy Mortensen Design

Designer tip: A variation of this theme would be to roll up the towel flowers as shown and place them is a pretty bath trash receptacle. Add a green wash cloth on the side for the “leaves.” This makes a cute potted towel rose bath gift.

Arranging and personalizing beautiful gifts is easy with a store like HomeGoods at your beck and call, and I call on it often! May all your gifts be given with love, and with the happy couple in mind.

Do you have any creative wedding gift ideas you make on your own or have seen? Please say “I do!” and share your ideas in the comments section.

Cathy Mortensen is an independent interior designer in Orange County, Calif., and has been a contributing writer to Design Happy since 2007.

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