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Our master bath needed serious help. There were baskets of makeup and lotions and potions on counters, in drawers and in cupboards. The 10-year-old artwork and candle-holders needed to go. And worst of all, we hated the dated mirror and off-center light fixture.

We started with a fresh coat of paint, adding a little more warmth and color to the previously drab yellow-white walls.

Bath 4
Photo by Deb Wolf

Then we hired a carpenter to frame our large vanity mirror and install a new light fixture.

Once the basics were finished, it was time for the fun stuff: adding accessories to make the room both functional and personal.

I wasn’t even sure what accent color I wanted until I remembered these two blue and white monogrammed mugs.

Bath 6
Photo by Deb Wolf

They make perfect cotton-swab and cotton-ball holders, plus blue and white accessories are easy to find at the moment. Not only that, but this shade of blue is a favorite! Win. Win.

Bath 3
Photo by Deb Wolf

Here’s an image of the new mirror and light. The bench underneath is from HomeGoods and serves as our laundry hamper.

Bathroom Cakestand
Photo by Deb Wolf

You may have heard of this idea before, but adding a cake stand to your counter will dress up everyday needs like toothbrushes and water picks. The carafe on the left is full of mouthwash.

I love keeping storage containers out of sight, yet keeping the products I need within reach by placing them in beautiful containers. Think about using soap dispensers, carafes, bowls, mugs, etc.

Bath Plant
Photo by Deb Wolf

The plant and candle below give the room a spa feel.

Bath Overview
Photo by Deb Wolf

And the large window lets in outside light and provides a relaxing peek at the woods behind our house.

Bath 5
Photo by Deb Wolf

Finally, my favorite part of all: the urn and vases. The urn holds my bath salts. I tried adding flowers to the vases, but for me they took away from the simple beauty the vases have on their own,  so I opted to leave them empty.

The candle holder was in the glass department. I added clear marbles and a votive. A super simple way to add to the space and highlight the decorative china.

Paint, carpentry work, and a trip to HomeGoods made this makeover possible for much less than I expected.

We considered doing a complete bathroom remodel. I’m so glad we changed our minds. This update was just what we needed to give this room the soothing “aaaah” feel we were looking for.

What do you think? Have you ever opted for a cosmetic makeover rather than a complete remodel? Let us know how it went by leaving a comment.

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