Photo by Deb Wolf

Mirror mirror on the wall, in the hall… put them anywhere at all! (Excuse me, I just had an overwhelming need to express my inner Dr. Seuss.)

But I’m really crazy about mirrors. I love that they brighten and enlarge the feeling of a room.

A couple of months ago, I shared my office makeover with you, How to Make Your Office Your Favorite Room. It was written pre-paint and during the search for an oversized mirror to fill a blank wall and make the room feel bigger.

This black framed mirror is exactly what I wanted and the price was even better than I’d hoped.

Mirror Frame - Make Home Yours

Photo by Deb Wolf

A tripod stand allows you to move the mirror as needed. Remember, you don’t have to open the stand — just lean it against the wall and you’re all set.

Office Mirror Closeup
Photo by Deb Wolf

Stands not only allow for flexibility, but they prevent wall holes (perfect for renters) and give a shorter mirror or picture additional height.

Guest Room Mirror

Photo by Deb Wolf

This is our guest room. I hung a full length mirror horizontally instead of adding a headboard. It works with the room, whether the bed is made as a twin or when we have guests and use the pop up to make it a king.

Great Room Mirror  #MakeHomeYours

Photo by Deb Wolf

This is our great room and the architectural mirror came with the house. We love it! Whether we are looking at the reflection of the angled walls…

Window Reflection #MakeHomeYours
Photo by Deb Wolf

Or the woods brought in through shiny glass, it opens up this room making it seem bigger from every side.

Folk Angel #MakeHomeYours
Photo by Deb Wolf

And just in case you didn’t notice it in the picture above, I even added a mirror to enhance the space above our pantry. It makes it possible to see every side of my favorite HomeGoods purchase.

Office Mirror

Photo by Deb Wolf

You’ve seen my love of mirrors. Joan loves them, too — she even has one in her garden. Oh to live where you can enjoy year-round gardening.

What do you think? Are you crazy about mirrors?

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