Photo by French Country Cottage

You know the feeling. You are shopping at HomeGoods perusing each aisle when you round the corner and see it on a shelf.

It can be something bold, something subtle or maybe something that is not what you think it is at all. But when you see it, you are on a mission to grab it before someone else does.

Of course, there is usually a backlog of carts and other shoppers looking in the same spot, so you just might be biting your knuckles, waiting to get close enough so you can get to it.


Photo by French Country Cottage

This is a treasure that I was in love with before I even picked it up. Perfect in size. Charming embossed details. Little touches of bling that are oh so pretty. I had found the perfect vase for a fresh bouquet of flowers and, even better, it was on clearance.


Photo by French Country Cottage

There was just one small thing: it wasn’t actually a vase at all.


Photo by French Country Cottage

Nope. It was actually a small garbage can that was meant for a bathroom. I even found a couple of the other pieces that went with it — but I didn’t see a garbage can. To me, this little treasure spoke perfect vase language and so, I brought it home with me and filled it with flowers.


Photo by French Country Cottage

It might not be what it was originally intended to be, but I think it is definitely a perfect trash can or vase either way.

So tell me, how have you transformed the use of an item?

Courtney writes the French Country Cottage blog, where she shares decorating inspirations, entertaining and renovations of her 1940’s cottage.

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