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A space as small as a bathroom can sometimes feel cluttered and out-of-date. Accessories will always enhance this area, but I try to think of them as organizing tools that will help conceal what I don’t want others to see. Today I’m sharing some ideas on how I styled this sometimes troublesome area.

Simple Bathroom Styling Ideas 3

Big mirrors are a must when having a small area. They will help bring in light and visually add more space to the bathroom. When looking for a mirror, think of them as windows that will make this tiny space seem bigger.

Simple Bathroom Styling Ideas 4

Simple Bathroom Styling Ideas 2

I can never have too many baskets. No matter how crowded or messy an area might seem, put everything in baskets and you’ll instantly have an organized place without doing much. I’ve hidden all of my bathroom towels, soaps and the rest of the toiletries in these storage marvels, which at the same time add interest to the bathroom vanity.

Having too many shampoos on display was a real issue for me. So, I used a porcelain urn thin enough to be on the window sill, but tall enough so nothing would peek out from the inside.

Simple Bathroom Styling Ideas 1

I love adding natural accents when I decorate. In this bathroom, I’ve added a silk orchid because plants don’t receive much light in here. But real ones are always welcome in other areas of my home.

Simple Bathroom Styling Ideas 5

Wall decor, whether an abstract sculpture or an elegant painting, will always transform your bathroom into something wonderful. At HomeGoods, I found an elegant canvas painting of a woman’s back and placed it behind the toilet. I love how the sensual look contrasts beautifully with the rough strokes.

While these changes are small, they help create an interesting and organized space out of what used to be a boring, tiny bathroom. What styling tips have you used in the past that have proven to be a success?

Gloribell Lebron is an interior stylist and designer with a strong background and knowledge in graphic design. She is also a blogger at I don’t know how she does it. (Find her on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.)

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