Change a Rug, Change a Room

January 21, 2015
Change a rug, change room @HomeGoods #DesignHappy Blog

Photo by Your Home Only Better

No time to paint? No worries — changing a rug is actually faster and less messy!

We’ve been in our home for over two years now and decided not to repaint the freshly painted beige walls. We’ve been busy with other projects and, quite frankly, it hides dirt and matches most of our furniture.

Change a rug, change room @HomeGoods #DesignHappy Blog

It was, however, rather blah. Not only did the existing rug blend in too much with the space, but it wasn’t quite big enough to create a cozy cohesiveness that this long room needed. In an effort to spice up the room, we created a gallery wall.

Change a rug, change room @HomeGoods #DesignHappy Blog

But still — sigh — it just didn’t keep my interest. So, with husband in tow, I headed off to HomeGoods to find some inspiration.

I started off by showing him this nice, fluffy geometric beauty (on the left). He, however, quickly pointed out this nice chenille rug (right), which wasn’t at all what I thought I had in mind. But I liked the hint of geometric paired with color — something this blah room really needed.

Change a rug, change room @HomeGoods #DesignHappy Blog

While either would have worked, we went with his choice (in other words, I liked it too, but let him think he won… this time!). (Honey, if you’re reading this, I’m just kidding!)

Change a rug, change room @HomeGoods #DesignHappy Blog

As part of the change, we also switched out the coffee table from his pre-marital glass top table (which was chipped and given new life) to a simple black table.

Change a rug, change room @HomeGoods #DesignHappy Blog

So here’s a quick before and after perspective — it feels like the room is better anchored now and, while it’s hard to tell from these photos, it’s about 1 1/2 feet longer than the last rug.

Change a rug, change room @HomeGoods #DesignHappy Blog

Now the room feels more pulled together, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll get around to painting it.

If you’re not sure about what size area rug to get, here are a few guidelines:

1. When placing an area rug in a dining room, measure your table and then add 24–30 inches all around (or about 4–5 feet in total length and width). This makes it easier for guests to move their chairs around. Consider casters on the bottom of the chairs to help them move more smoothly.

2. When using a room-sized rug on hardwood flooring, leave at minimum 8 inches of exposed hardwood showing around all edges of the rug.

3. If you’re using an area rug in a sitting area, make sure it is anchored by the front legs of the furniture, and not floating in the middle of the room.

Do you have a room that could a quick change to shake it up? Change a rug and you’ll change your room!

Susan Jensen Smith is a Web Producer for Fine Gardening Magazine and a blogger at Your Home Only Better. She loves projects that solve décor problems for practical home enthusiasts and believes decorating should be fun! (Join her on PinterestInstagramFacebook and Twitter.)

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