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Winter can certainly bring on the blues. Trust me, I am from New England and the winters can be long. One trick though that my mom and I love to do in our home is to brighten up our rooms with fabulous lighting. Not only do gorgeous lamps create a wow factor in a room, but having the right bulb is also important.

Lamps are an easy way to update a space without breaking the bank. I never buy super expensive lamps because honestly, I like to change them out often and create new looks. Every lamp I buy must be affordable, fun and transitional.

Believe it or not, our family room was looking bright and cheery in the dead of winter last year. How did we achieve this? After we painted the walls a bright blue/green along with white wide pine planks, we added neutral colored accessories coupled with these gorgeous lamps from HomeGoods.

fourgenerationsoneroof lamp 3-1

During the day, the room looks bright and cheery and at night, the lighting is just enough to add a warm and cozy feel. I personally prefer a warm soft light as opposed to a white florescent light, such as the one in this room from Better Homes and Gardens. I always purchase a 3-way light when available; it offers a variety of moods ranging from dim to bright.

lighting as an accessory

I think of lamps in terms of an accessory. I know it’s more a matter of function for many, but for me, I can do an entire room makeover around a lamp. If I find the coolest lamp, I can quickly decide that it’s going to be my inspiration for a room makeover. This is exactly what I did when I bought this lamp below and did a summer update to our family room. A tripod lamp is an exceptional statement piece in any room.

how to decorate with lamps

This room from Nuevo Estilo featured on Domaine creates a groovy look with feminine texture by using a statement chandelier piece.

how to decorate with lighting

Create Caitlin Moran‘s cozy reading nook with a chair, rug, pillow, throw and oversized floor lamp. Wow, the lamp completely makes this space!

how to decorate with lamps

Many times, lamps are not appropriate for certain spaces and this is where task lighting works best. In this room by Tillman Long Interiors, I love how the sconce light is mounted to the built-in, providing not only function but design as well. It’s serving both as a light and an accessory. Isn’t it beautiful?

how to decorate with lighting

Did you know that many jar lamps have a removable cork top? Yes, indeed they do! I picked up these gorgeous glass jar lamps about a month ago at my local HomeGoods and filled them with textured vase filler.

fourgenerationsoneroof lamp 2-1

Isn’t it amazing what lighting can do for a space? As long as you love the lamp, work around it! I never pass up a light that is fun, affordable and can work in multiple spaces. Lighting is often an overlooked accessory and in reality, it can really transform a space.

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