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Making a hot apple cider station is easier than you think. It can be created on any tabletop and can be as big or small as you want. I tend to lean towards a smaller sized station, as it’s easier to decorate and less overwhelming. Many times we use the top of a dresser in our living room or dining room. This is a perfect beverage arrangement for a kids’ or adult party.

how to make a hot apple cider station

First, find one or two table cloths or runners to create a layered look. I chose a white table runner and an oversized kitchen towel, which I placed across the white runner. I used a wooden cutting board to place the apples on and added a few pumpkins to create a festive fall look.

how to make a hot apple cider station

Because everything so far was either square or rectangular (the tabletop and cutting board), I decided to use a round tray for storing some of the condiments. Try to use a variety of shapes and varying heights when choosing items — this will help create visual interest.

If you have an insulated coffee carafe, this will help to keep the cider hot. I borrowed my mom’s stainless steel one for this particular party with the kids and it was easy to refill, as needed.

how to make a hot apple cider station

I used glass coffee mugs and the cinnamon sticks found their way into one of them. Glass coffee mugs are a great way to add a sense of elegance to any beverage station. Be sure to add a fresh arrangement of flowers or in this case, dried leaves. This will dress up your beverage station.

how to make a hot apple cider station

If you are looking for a fabulous, five minute hot apple cider recipe that can be served with or without alcohol, be sure to check our recent hot apple cider recipe we shared last week. This is a creamy blend of whipping cream and apple cider and you will not be disappointed! I made a large potful and simply refilled the carafe as needed by using a soup ladle — very easy!

how to create a hot apple cider station

You can easily create a hot apple cider station on just about any surface. Whether you are at a kid’s soccer game, outside with friends or at an indoor party, a hot apple cider station is sure to be a hit amongst adults and children.

Wouldn’t this be perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday? How about Christmas? You could use fresh greens and pretty branches with red berries, instead of dried leaves, as your arrangement. The possibilities are endless!

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