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When it comes to moving in with your future life partner — in my case, my fiancé — there are some ground rules that must be laid down before all of the fun begins. For starters, there are some decor favorites I had to give up on my end that according to him are too feminine, like GLITTER.

Here’s a list of some rules and tips that I’ve been keeping track of for co-habitation, that sadly (for me) keeps getting longer and longer. Goodbye gold and sparkle… well, for now!

1. Stay Neutral. Give your place a more neutral touch. Leave the glitter and glam in your bachelorette pad. Stray away from anything bejeweled. You can secretly add some feminine hints like pretty gold hardware or fixtures, like in this living room by Lonny.


2. Compromise. Choose your battles wisely. Is it really worth it to get into an argument over what color the bathroom tiles should be or what temperature the thermostat should be at? My answer is NO! Let him pick out the tile, but you can pick out all of the living room and dining room furniture — just kidding! Pick areas of the home that are important to you both and agree on multiple options so you have choices. There is no right or wrong, but one area of the home might be more important than another, so it’s important to communicate that.

3. Make a Budget. Make a budget before you start any updates or renovations. Discuss how long you see yourself living in the current space and how much money you want to spend. For example, the average homeowner moves every five years. Pick investment pieces like furniture that you can take with you to your next place or flooring that could increase your property value.

4. Pin to Inspire. While watching TV together, pull out your laptops and start pinning together (here are my current Pinterest boards). Create “DREAM” boards that have images of bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, etc. that you love and envision them in your place. Share your findings with each other and invite one another to your mood boards. This is a great platform to discuss how you envision your space and where you could shop to make it come alive — this is where weekly trips to HomeGoods also come into play! This is a little design inspiration I found from Erika Brechtel.


5. Do Your Research. Do your research before buying something. Be patient and don’t rush the process. Keep all receipts in case you change your mind about a purchase. Work with items that both of you may already own.

And of course, talk to your friends. At one point in their lives they may have been going through the same process so they could provide you with some valuable advice.



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