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Memorial Day was the unofficial kick-off to summer. After a long winter, most of us are headed to the beach. We all love the beach on the weekend after a long work week. The sound of the waves crashing against the sand is relaxing and the warmth of the sun re-energizes our bodies. Bring a little of the beach back home. Enjoy casual living at home by incorporating a few coastal design elements.

1. Slipcovers, like these featured on Coastal Living and House of Turquoise, protect your upholstered fabrics and allow for lounging and a relaxed atmosphere.


Tracey Rapisardi living room

2. Decorate with natural beach inspired accessories — like the below from Tara Dennis — with items such as seashells, rope, sea glass and sea grass baskets.


3. Minimize window coverings to maximize sunlight in the space.

4. Use bold stripes, like the bedding in this room from Marcye Philbrook.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 11.33.00 AM

5. Wood and tile floors make for easy clean up. Add a sisal rug.

6. Wicker, bamboo, natural wood and painted furniture, like those featured in this room from Madison Spencer Architects, are durable and won’t break the budget.

BRF_Pool Pavilion

7. Grass cloth walls add a layer of texture.

8. Add art that is nautical or abstract, such as the below from Scott Sanders. Don’t overdo it with a theme.


9. Add flowers, like these touches from Elizabeth Newman, with peonies, palm leaves, hydrangeas and daisies.


Incorporate a few of these costal design elements for a comfortable atmosphere. Coastal style will bring a little beach therapy and relaxation at home.

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