Photo by A Thoughtful Place

This week’s guest blogger is Courtney of A Thoughtful Place. She is also a regular contributor to our Happy by Design Pinterest page.

So excited to share the new look of our living room with you today. If you follow along on Instagram, you might have seen how I literally couldn’t decide between three fabulous striped rugs. So I bought them all and tested them out in my space. While each brought out a different look to the room, I immediately fell in love with one of them. Here is the new look!




I brought home a green and white rug, a gray and white stripe and this one. While I LOVED the way each looked in the room, this one just made my heart sing. I love the energy it brings to the space and how it picks up the other black accents in the room such as the brass cornered frames, the lampshade trim and the subway art.


Not too long ago, we had our front door painted black and it looks really nice with the new stripes as well. I have a major love affair with stripes, so this really reflects my style. My husband is super excited about the new rug, too.


We had the West Elm zebra rug in here before. I still really love that rug but was so ready for a change. The previous rug and how to lengthen drapes can be seen here. I even contemplated painting the whole room, but when I found this rug it all came together and gave me the new feel I was craving. And are you ready for this?! The rug was $50 find at HomeGoods. Bam. What?! I am keeping the gray and white striped one, too. (It will make an appearance in another space shortly. The other awesome thing about this find is that if/when it shows wear, I can flip it over. It’s like two rugs for the low price of one!




And below are a couple of grainy iPhone shots of the room. I thought they had a fun feel.  The rug is only 5 x 8. I have tried larger rugs in here and for some reason I just don’t like the feel of it. This works well in this space for us. Not to mention, I really love being able to fold the rug away and Swiffer and clean without lifting couch legs. This room gets a constant flow of traffic and you have to design with things like that in mind.



I really like the way the new bold rug brings out a pretty tone on our floors. It’s amazing how a small change can make such a big impact. Stripes for the win. What do you think? Could you go bold with stripes?

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