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It’s confession time. I’ve done the “worst” thing a decorator can do: I hung a mirror without a view.

That’s a no-no according to advice from many designers.

Interior designer Vanessa Deleon, host of “Your Place is a Dealbreaker” on SpacesTV shares this advice with Fox News Magazine: “The worst thing a decorator can do is hang mirrors so they’re reflecting random things in your home. You want a mirror to reflect a nice view or bounce light.”

Feng Shui designer Deborah Lutz says emphatically, “DON’T reflect negative views.”

And in an interview with HGTV on decorating with mirrors, designer Celia Berliner advises, “The location and placement of the mirror are key when utilizing them — you want to ensure that it will not create undesirable reflections and will allow it to maximize its innate qualities.”

They all give great advice and normally I’d be the first to follow it. But, I have a small front door entryway that’s so small it’s hard to get a photo of it for you. There is no source of outside light when the windowless door is closed. The only wall capable of housing a mirror is directly across from the access door to the garage. At best, it’s a plain door closed, and when opened, it reflects an unfinished garage. The thermostat, light switch and vent are also on that wall. This is NOT a good view, you agree?

But then again, a mirror can reflect light, open up a space and make it seem larger. My entryway really needed that.

My solution came from HomeGoods — as it so often does — when I spotted the large, round, windowpane mirror. When you look in the mirror, you don’t see the view as a whole. You see pieces of it. And you see the blue of the wall and a little bit of luminescence from the track lighting is bounced back into the small space. The design of the mirror itself is so beautiful that you may not even really notice the reflection at all. It’s my happy HomeGoods find.

This purchase has made me think about other ways you can bring mirrors into those spaces in your home without a good view.

Mirrored furniture, like these featured on Decorpad, is a great way to reflect light without drawing attention to the reflection. I love the little mirrored squares in the closet door as well.

Mirrored trays, such as this one from Centsational Girl, are another favorite way to reflect light in so many spaces.


And I love the way this mirror from Made2Style is covered with a wreath to draw the attention away from the view. You could change the wreath up seasonally.

The best part of my mirror purchase is that visitors to my home have told me that they love it, and that they saw a similar one in another home decor store for up to $1,000.00 more than I paid for mine at HomeGoods. With deals like that, I think we can all afford to break a few rules, don’t you?

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